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Walmart Price Match Policy


Walmart Price Match Policy: Today, one of the most popular options for both in-store and online shoppers is Walmart.

If you want to know about Walmart’s policy on matching prices, you are definitely on the right website. The specific steps involved in the Walmart price match and adjustment policy have been set out.

Walmart, which is the biggest discount store in the country, is always looking for ways to save its customers money. Therefore, you’re in the proper place if you’re wondering what Walmart’s price adjustment policy is.

Walmart Price Match Policy & Price Adjustment Policy

Most consumers today are searching for the best offers as a result of inflation-driven price increases.

However, given the high cost of a Grocery, visiting many stores to find the best deals can be time-consuming. This is why picking stores with price-matching policies might be beneficial.

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  • Walmart has a price match guarantee, but to avoid any hassles, you must be aware of all the exceptions.
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First, be aware that there are two separate price match regulations for and Walmart physical shops. Only online prices from will be matched by Walmart stores.

As a result, Walmart won’t match the lower price you see on Amazon while shopping in your neighborhood Walmart.

If same-day delivery isn’t an option, you can order from the other shop to save money and wait a day or two for the item, or you can pay more and pick up the item directly from Walmart and take it home.

Walmart Price Adjustment Policy 2023

Within [7] seven days following your purchase, Walmart will change the price of any item that has had its price cut. This will take effect in 2023.

The range of goods covered by Walmart’s price modification policy includes food, furniture, apparel, appliances, and home goods.

Furthermore, Walmart doesn’t change the prices of anything sold on the Walmart Marketplace. Continue reading to learn how to make a price adjustment at Walmart and whether you require a receipt.

Walmart Price Adjustments For Online Orders.

  • Walmart will alter online orders’ prices within 7 days.
  • Third-party marketplace merchandise is exempt, and only Walmart-sold and shipped products can be price adjusted.

More Walmart In-store Price Match Rules You Need To Know

Other items are excluded from Walmart’s in-store price-matching program. You should be aware that the price match discount is only valid once per day and item. U.S. News & World Report also says that BOGO deals are not eligible for price match discounts.

For price matching to work, the item must be the same and appear to be in stock on Walmart’s website.

About Walmart Price Match Guarantee

Walmart has affordable prices every day. Walmart will price match if you discover a cheaper price elsewhere. Contact Walmart Customer Service for help.

Price matching has requirements. The product must be identical to your order and in stock during the price match.

Walmart offers partial reimbursements for price modifications. The Walmart Price Adjustment applies when:

You can get a price adjustment if an item you bought from was reduced after your order. You can refund the price difference.

If you bought something from before and it is now cheaper, you can ask for a price adjustment.

Products covered under Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy

Opened and unused products are typically subject to price increases. For the vast majority of the products in its extensive product line, Walmart typically permits price modifications. Among the well-known instances are:

  • Appliances
  • Clothing for men, women, and children.
  • Automobile-related goods
  • Non-alcoholic beverages in grocery stores
  • Home Decor
  • Furniture

Does Walmart Adjust The Price Of Sale Items?

The events that everyone is thinking about are the Black Friday and Cyber Week bargains.

Walmart doesn’t change prices during Cyber Week or Black Friday because they don’t want people to take advantage of the much lower prices.

Furthermore, Walmart doesn’t offer price adjustments for items that enter or are included in clearance discounts, limited-edition purchases, things that are the “bargain of the day,” or goods bought around Thanksgiving.

How Long Do You Have To Adjust The Price At Walmart?

  1. Seven days after the initial purchase, Walmart is willing to refund the difference on products that have had their prices cut.
  2. Within seven days, online customers must get in touch with Walmart’s customer service department and announce the new pricing, even if the item hasn’t yet arrived.

Will Walmart Adjust Prices Without A Receipt?

Unfortunately, Walmart will not adjust the price if you cannot provide the appropriate proof of purchase, such as the original store receipt or online order invoice, as cashiers need hard evidence of the price you initially paid.

Additionally, cashiers need to see the information stating the method of payment you used at purchase to authorize a refund.

If Walmart can’t verify your purchase, you may be issued a Walmart gift card.

How To Perform Price Adjustments At Walmart?

Customers should be aware that only a Walmart store can change the price of an in-store purchase.

Similarly to that, items purchased through can only be returned online or by calling customer service.

Requests made in-store are addressed at the customer service counter or in a checkout lane that is operated.

Also, you don’t have to bring the item you bought with you, but you must have the right proof of purchase.

Customers might also be asked for proof of the new pricing, and if that has been validated, the price difference will be returned using the original payment method.

Customers can get in touch with customer support to verify pricing changes made to products they purchased online. For Walmart’s verification, you might need to upload your purchase documentation.

Your debit or credit card will be refunded after authorization. Customers should give a refund within 10 days to reach the bank. You might need to get in touch with your banking institution if the money doesn’t show up.

What Are The Limitations Of Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy?

After seven days, Walmart does not allow price matching on products.

Additionally, it is impossible to compare in-store and online prices. Because of different state laws, alcoholic beverages cannot have their prices changed.

Additionally, Walmart Plus membership benefits such as discounts or promotions cannot be used for price adjustments. You must look at online price matching if you want to compare the price from another retailer.

Find out more about how Walmart matches Amazon’s prices, its coupon policy, rollbacks, and hidden clearances so you can save the most money when you shop there. Price-Match Rules will price-match the internet competition. It’s a long list, but not every website is included. Online shops qualified for’s price matching include:


Black Friday and Cyber Week deals, closeouts, liquidations, flash sales, and reconditioned inventory are not price-matched online. Walmart only price matches before coupons or discounts.

You’ll want to be prepared when shopping in-store or online. Double-check the brand, model, size, and color. Walmart won’t discount the item otherwise.

A store supervisor must sometimes use an in-store terminal to check prices and availability. Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico can’t be price-matched online or in stores.


We believe you now have a better understanding of how Walmart matches prices. Now that you have met their requirements, you can enjoy requesting your returns.

The good news is that other businesses besides Walmart also provide a price-matching policy. We list many businesses that let you do this on our website, and we even walk you through the process of requesting refunds for price matching and adjustment. For instance, we also described Staples’ price-matching strategy.

Ask us any questions you may have about Walmart’s policy in the comments section below. You are also encouraged to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

FAQs – Walmart Price Match Policy

Does Walmart do price match adjustments?

➥ Walmart Contacts is recognized for having the best prices around, but if you find a product we offer for less, just contact our customer service specialists by email or phone at 1-800-741-5367 and they’ll price match your order for you!

What is Walmart’s price adjustment policy?

➥ Join today to receive a $20 sign-up bonus. However, many items including Black Friday and Cyber Week discounts, closeouts, liquidations, flash sales, and any refurbished goods are not eligible for online price matching. Walmart will only match the price that is shown in the ad, not the price plus any coupons or discounts.

Does Walmart give a refund if a price drops?

➥ Even if the thing hasn’t yet arrived, you should phone Walmart’s customer support staff within 7 days to claim the lower price if you are browsing online through and discover an identical item to yours at a lower price. Then and only then will Walmart agree to refund you the price difference.

Will Walmart’s price match after the sale?

➥ Walmart won’t match the price of items that go down in price after you buy them, prices from outside vendors, discounts, bundles, damaged goods, or discounts tied to special events.

What does reduced price mean at Walmart?

➥ Reduced. Reduced is the label applied when a promotional price is used by Walmart to sell more of the products. It means that the price is cheaper than the initial pricing at which the product was made available online.

What is the return policy for Walmart?

➥ The return policy at Walmart Because of our simple returns policy, you can conveniently return items for free by mail, scheduled collection from your home, or in-store. Items purchased in our stores or on are typically returnable or exchangeable within ninety (90) days, with or without a receipt.

What is the price adjustment policy?

➥ If a store has a price adjustment policy, it usually means that if the price of something you just bought goes down in the next 14 to 30 days, you can get the difference back.

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