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Walmart in-store Price Match Policy


Walmart in-store Price Match Policy: Sadly, Walmart used to have a much more liberal policy on price matching. However, the business decided to scrap some elements of the policy. For instance, Walmart locations no longer match prices from rival businesses.

Because Walmart’s prices are usually the lowest, they also abandoned the app-based price comparison tool known as Savings Catcher.

Walmart in-store Price Match Policy

We’ll now discuss the specifics of the present policy. So settle in, because the Walmart price match policy is a little complicated.

First, the good news: Walmart still provides price matching and adjustment services. Keep reading to find out about the many things this policy doesn’t cover and the limits it has.

The most important thing to know is that Walmart’s price match policy varies significantly between Walmart and

Let’s first discuss their in-store policy.

Walmart’s In-Store Price Match Policy

In contrast to many of its rivals, Walmart does not match competitor prices for in-store purchases. However, if a lower price for the same item can be found on, they will match their listed prices. For in-store purchases, they also offer price matching after the fact, which is also known as a price adjustment.

Walmart in-store Price Match Policy

When seeking a price match in person at Walmart, keep the following in mind as well:

  • To be eligible for a price match, the identical item must be available for purchase right now on
  • One price match per customer per day is the maximum allowed for in-store price matching.
  • Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico can’t use Walmart’s service to match prices in-store.
  • Walmart will not match prices listed in advertisements placed in other Walmart stores.

Online Price Match Policy

You have a lot more options when asking for a price match while purchasing on What about online buyers? Walmart will match prices with several acceptable internet merchants.

Only the following retailers will match prices with

Here are some things to be aware of before making a price match request on

  • The things must match exactly.
  • When a price match request is made, the product must be available on both and the website of the online store.
  • Only one price match is permitted per customer per day (online and in-store).
  • Rain checks for online price comparisons are not provided by Walmart.
  • Price matching between and a Walmart store location is not permitted.

Use the blue “Contact Us” button located under the “Help” tab on to get in touch with Walmart Customer Care if you believe you qualify for an online price match based on this information. Before you buy something, a Walmart Customer Care representative will check to see if the price can be matched.

Walmart Price Match Policy

Walmart Price Match Policy: Yes! Given that they are the same color, brand, and quantity, customers can get fair pricing for their purchases thanks to Walmart’s price matching. Price matching has some extra requirements that you must meet before it will be accepted.

Follow these steps to find out if you are eligible for a Walmart price match:

Company Walmart
Price Match? Yes
Time-frame: Within seven days of purchase
Price Matches: Amazon, Kohl’s, Academy, and more
Exclusions: Clearance items, auction prices, third-party sellers, discounted items, and more
Where to redeem: Online or at any Walmart store

Walmart Price Adjustment Policy

Walmart’s Price adjustment Policy is another way to match prices when shopping at Walmart. A price match that occurs after the transaction has been finalized is referred to as a price adjustment.

Because Walmart doesn’t mention its price adjustment policy on its website, we contacted a Walmart Customer Care agent to find out exactly what the policy is.

Walmart price adjustments:

  • doesn’t offer post-purchase price adjustments.
  • Walmart price modifications are sometimes available.
  • Store managers have the last say over post-purchase price adjustments, so it’s a gamble whether you’ll get one.
  • Customers have 7 days after purchase to request price adjustments.
  • The item must fulfill Walmart’s in-store price match policy standards to be discounted.

Online purchases cannot be price adjusted after purchase. If you buy an item on and its price drops later, you won’t get a refund. If the price on is lower than the price in the store, you have 7 days to ask for a price adjustment.

How Does Walmart Refund The Price Difference?

If you receive a price adjustment from Walmart, you will most likely receive the reimbursed amount for your original means of payment. If you’re getting back $10 or less, you may be able to choose cash regardless of how you paid.

Can Walmart Refuse Your Price Match Request?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the store manager always has the last say on whether to comply with your request for a refund, price match, or price modification. Price matching is no different. Walmart can turn down a price match request at any time, even if you meet all of the requirements.


Walmart price-matching isn’t as easy as it used to be. If you find an identical item on for less, you can request a price match at a Walmart store.

Promotional merchandise, event sales, etc. don’t count. shoppers have more options because Walmart will Price Match Amazon and Target. Even if you meet all the standards, Walmart may not match the price.

FAQs – Walmart in-store Price Match Policy

Is Walmart online price same as in-store?

The identical products are also available on Walmart’s website. Walmart Online in the US offers the same selection as it does in its physical shops. As a result, the prices listed online and in stores are the same.

What is Walmart’s policy?

You typically have three months under Walmart’s usual return policy to send an item back. This is what the store’s website states.

“If not specified in our exclusions, you have 90 days from the date of purchase to exchange or return an item. You have three options for returning goods: in-store, free postal return, or scheduled home pickup.”

Will Walmart price match after sale?

Items that drop in price after being purchased, pricing from outside vendors, discounts, bundles, damaged goods, and discounts associated with special events will not be price matched by Walmart.

Is there a limit on price matching at Walmart?

One price match per customer per day is the maximum allowed for in-store price matching. Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico do not have access to Walmart’s in-store price-matching service.

Walmart won’t match prices listed at other Walmart locations that are offered elsewhere.

How do I claim Walmart price match?

Simply get in touch with Customer Care or give them a call at (800) 966-6546 to make it happen.

Walmart will then look at the online retailer’s current price and whether or not the item is available on both and the competitor’s website to make sure the item is eligible.

What is the return policy for Walmart?

The return policy at Walmart is Because of our simple returns policy, you can conveniently return items for free by mail, scheduled collection from your home, or in-store.

Items purchased in our stores or on are typically returnable or exchangeable within ninety (90) days, with or without a receipt.

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