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Tractor Supply Price Match Policy


Tractor Supply Price Match Policy: When you buy something and then find the same thing on sale at a lower price at another store, it can be very frustrating.

To keep customers coming back, many stores offer price matching. This means that customers can pay the lowest price that a competitor is offering.

If you always shop at Tractor Supply, you may sometimes wonder if you could get the same things at a cheaper price somewhere else. I did some research to find out if Tractor Supply would match prices and learned some useful things.

Tractor Supply Price Match Policy

Note: Here’s a good piece of information for you and your questions right now. Read on to find out how to solve those problems and, as a bonus, how to save some money.

Does Tractor Supply Price Match?

Yes, Tractor Supply will match the price of any identical item at a competitor’s store or online within 30 days. This won’t work for used or refurbished versions, nor items on sale, bundles, or rebates.

Find a Tractor Supply employee or call their Customer Solutions Center if you have already bought the item and want to match the price. As long as you find a lower price within 30 days of your purchase, Tractor Supply will match it.

The best way to show that a lower price qualifies is with a coupon from a competitor, but most of the time you can also show the lower price on your phone.

Price Match/Adjustment Time
Within 30 Days
Where Can I Price Match?
Online & In-Store
Contact Info.
Visit the website
Tractor Supply

With Whom Does Tractor Supply Price Match?

Tractor Supply’s prices are the same as those of its nearby rivals. whose products are the same as theirs and who are located within a certain radius. Here is a list of their competitors to help you learn more.


  • Petco
  • Lowe’s
  • Home Depot
  • Amazon
  • Petsmart

Keep in mind that Tractor Supply also matches with other stores that sell animal bedding, pet food, outdoor equipment, and tools.

How Does Tractor Supply’s Price Matching Work?

When you ask Tractor Supply to match a price, there are a few things you need to do.

First, the lower price from a competitor must be for an item that is the same as one that Tractor Supply sells. Also, the item must be in stock at Tractor Supply at the time of the order, and no rain checks will be accepted.

Also, when the price match is asked for, the competitor’s price must still be valid. You can only ask for a price match on items you just bought or ones you bought within the last 30 days.

Lastly, Tractor Supply will match prices on goods, but not on services like Power Plus, Pet Wash, and Pet Vet.

Are There Any Restrictions On the Tractor Supply Price Match Policy?

Tractor Supply’s price match policy doesn’t apply to all items and services. These are some of the things that aren’t covered:

  • Third-party sellers like eBay and Amazon Marketplace sell or ship goods.
  • Items that have been used, fixed up, or resold
  • Close-outs or liquidations
  • Prices for “subscribe and save”
  • There are bundle deals, mail-in rebates, instant rebates, and free shipping.
  • Financing lets you
  • Advertising errors
  • Special Orders
  • Items on sale
  • Services like Pet Wash, Power Plus, Delivery, and Trailer Rental

How Can I Request A Price Match?

Remember that when you make your first request, you must bring all the proof and the original receipt. This will speed up and simplify the process a lot.

Tractor Supply Price Match In-Store

You must first bring all of the required price-matching documents to a Tractor Supply store near you. Show any worker or manager these proofs. After checking all the information you give them, they will either say yes or no to your request.

Tractor Supply employees have the right to turn down your request if the items don’t meet certain criteria.

Tractor Supply Price Match Online

Start by going to and choosing the item you want to buy. Then, compare prices. Make sure you have proof from your competitors if you want your price match request to go through. You can send an online request to Tractor Supply by calling them.

Tractor Supply Price Adjustment Policy

If you ask Tractor Supply to change the price of something you bought within 30 days, they will do so. Make sure you have the original receipt for the purchase. If they agree to your request, they will put the money back in the same way you paid.

Tractor Supply’s return policy says that if your request is denied for any reason, you can return your purchase for free. You can order the item again at a lower price and get a full refund on the first order.

Tips on Saving More From Tractor Supply

We’ve all been in situations where we want to save more money while hopping but don’t know how. Don’t worry, the list below will show you how to save money when you shop at Tractor Supply.

  • When you shop, use coupons and discount codes.
  • Apply for a credit card from Tractor Supply and get Reward Points on everything you buy.
  • Shop during short-term sales and holiday sales.
  • Join the club that their neighbor runs.
  • Join their newsletter list.

Price Match Guarantee | Tractor Supply Co.


Yes, Tractor Supply will match the price. Their policy is pretty clear and gives them a lot of room to move in either direction.

The best way to price match is to do your research ahead of time and be nice to the employee you are talking to. This will give you the best experience possible at the price you want to pay.

FAQs About Tractor Supply

Does Tractor Supply give price adjustments? promises that everything we sell is at the lowest price possible. If you find an item cheaper somewhere else (before or within 30 days of buying it from, you can use our “100% price protection” program.

Does Tractor Supply give veterans discounts?

Tractor Supply supports military and veteran’s organizations all year long through programs and initiatives with Dogs on Deployment, paws4people, Operation Stand Down Tennessee, Folds of Honor, and its annual Veterans Day discount.

how do I request a price match?

Ask to talk to a manager, show him the lower price at a competitor, and explain that you know the store can’t match the price. Instead, you want to know if he can give you a manager’s discount so you can buy the item there instead of at the competitor.

Does Walmart price match Tractor Supply?

Does Tractor Supply match Walmart’s prices? Yes, the company will match Amazon’s prices on items it sells or ships. For any of the reasons listed above, the items should be the same and shouldn’t be left out. We can’t match the prices of third-party sellers on Amazon.

Does Home Depot match Tractor Supply?

If you find the same item in stock at a lower price at any other store, we will match that price. Just bring the ad, a copy of it, or a photo to the register to be checked. (This could mean that the association needs to talk to the competitor.)

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