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Toys R Us Price Match Policy


Toys R Us Price Match Policy: If you just purchased a Toys R Us item but later found it for a lower price, you might be wondering if Toys R Us will match the lower price.

This is a frequently asked issue because it is common to discover the same thing somewhere for less money.

Under some conditions, Toys R Us will match pricing with rival retailers. Customers who made purchases from Toys R Us must file claims within 7 days of the transaction.

Toys R Us Price Match Policy

This is why a lot of Toys R Us customers could ponder whether it’s possible to achieve a price match on particular things. Numerous businesses compete with Toys R Us, and their costs may be less than what you paid there.

Find out if Toys R Us offers price matching and, if so, what criteria must be met by reading on.

Do Toys R Us Do Price Matching?

Toys “R” Us’s ability to price match its customers so they can always obtain the greatest value is one of its best features. If the customer asks for it within 7 days of making a purchase, the price match will be carried out.

Customers can take advantage of this to acquire a price match from one of Toys R Us rivals. This is helpful because there are many comparable shops with lower costs than Toys R Us.

You must abide by the policy to receive a price match from Toys R Us. This covers guidelines such as:

  • making a personal request at a Toys R Us location.
  • Within seven days, make the price match request.
  • The item must be identical
  • The product must have a regular price.

You must adhere to these guidelines if you want a price match for an item you purchased from Toys R Us. This is because Toys R Us is unable to always match the prices of its rivals.

The product you’re looking to price match must be identical, which includes having the same brand, design, and color. Toys R Us won’t price match with things that are on sale or clearance; the item must also be regularly priced.

If you desire a Toys R Us price match, take into account these factors.

Other Ways to Save at Toys R Us

Although price matching is a nice benefit for customers, there are other ways to get deals on your purchases. You may discover more ways to save when shopping at Toys “R” Us, whether you are doing it in the United States or Canada.

Military  No Student No
Coupons Yes Teacher No
Frontline-Worker No Senior No
Birthday Yes

Ask the store’s customer service if it accepts consumer discounts using the following examples:

  • Catalogs
  • sale occasions
  • Rebate schemes
  • Reward systems
  • coupon codes

We can also assist with the following:

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Deals and Coupons: you can also locate pertinent discount codes that Toys “R” Us accepts. Utilize the Deals and Coupons service, which will search the internet for live discount codes.

What Is the Toys R Us Price Adjustment Policy?

Customers can request both a price adjustment and a price match, according to Toys “R” Us’ price adjustment policy. If you are aware that a rival is offering the same product for less, you can drop your price.

You can purchase the same item at Toys R Us for that price at the register if you can confirm this. The price is adjusted for you at the moment of purchase, making this the choice for price adjustment.

The same criteria for price matching, such as the requirement that the item is identical and have a normal price, still apply in this scenario. Toys “R” Us won’t lower the price for you unless your item satisfies all the standards.

Toys R Us Price Adjustment Policy

You can request a price match if you have previously purchased the item but have found it at a lower price somewhere else. When you have already completed the purchase but would like a price match, you are in this situation.

This is a little trickier because you have to do it in a Toys ‘R Us shop and within 7 days of purchasing the item in question. Otherwise, it won’t be eligible for a price match, and you’ll have to pay the full amount.

How to get the price of Toys R Us by yourself

You can search for price matches independently by reading through a variety of pamphlets, mailers, online and print promotions, and website policies.

Sifting through price information and verifying product identity can potentially take hours for consumers. The majority of modern consumers do not have those hours of discretion.

Independent price matching may also entail making extra journeys to nearby stores to speak with managers about the price matching policy and playing telephone tag with customer care representatives.

At the very least, you have to read through the policy sections of different websites to find out the rules, only to find that the website doesn’t say anything about price matching.

All of the above information makes it seem like the work and time wasted are not worth the benefit.

Does Toys R Us Price Match Online?

If you made an online purchase from Toys R Us but later found it cheaper somewhere else, you might request a price match for that product. Unfortunately, Toys R Us does not allow this because it does not offer online price matching.

For items purchased in a store, all price matching must take place in a Toys R Us location. Even though Toys R Us has a website, none of those items are eligible for price matching.

Additionally, prices for goods purchased through Toys R Us’s online rivals cannot be matched. If you want to match or change the price, the item must have come from a physical store.

Exceptions & Rules

Gift cards and certificates aren’t always price-matched. Toys R Us doesn’t redeem or refund gift cards or vouchers. Toys R Us requires customers to visit their local shop to request a price match. You must compare two products that are the same, not two products from the same brand that are similar.

All customers seeking to make a price match claim must do so within seven days of their original purchase of the said Toys R Us product, and their restrictions indicate that the pricing must originate from a “Canadian merchant.”

Under U.S. and Canadian laws, consumers requesting a price match or modification must wear a mask and be socially distant. Customers should also be aware that price matching laws do not apply to “buy one get one free,” “10% off,” or “today only” promotions. Toys R Us does not price match or alter Black Friday deals.

Toys R Us Price Match Policy

Toys R Us does not evaluate products with incorrect prices due to misprints or internal price modifications. Clearance items from other stores are likewise ineligible for price matching.

Bundled products, liquidation sales, and items bought and returned through rebates or coupons are not covered by Toys “R” Us price match or adjustment rules.

Toys R Us may redeem or refund a gift card purchase. Customers should visit their local Toys “R” Us to discuss alternatives or authenticate their gift card refund.

All of these restrictions and exceptions also apply to Babies R Us.

  • shape, color, model details, etc. must be similar.
  • A copy of the original ad with the lower price must be shown at the store.
  • lower price claim verification.
  • In web ads, show the gadget with the ad. Phones, tablets, computers, etc.
  • Stock availability is critical for price matching.
  • If the purchase has already been made, a 14-day window from the purchase date applies.
  • Toys “R” Us outlets require the original purchase receipt.
  • In-store sales require proof. To price-match that product, visit Toys “R” Us.


For many decades, Toys R Us has made all of us happy. In addition to providing clients with high-quality goods, they also offer price-matching procedures. Tell us about your experience in the comments section below. Did they offer you this service, and if so, were there any issues?

FAQs About Toys R Us

Do Toys R Us match prices? 

After October 15, 2021, Toys “R” Us will no longer match prices offered by rival merchants. If the cost of an item decreases, am I eligible for a return of the difference?

What caused Toys R Us to Fail?

Numerous elements contributed to Toys ‘R Us’ demise, ranging from inadequate e-commerce execution at a critical time, to the accumulation of excessive debt, to a fundamental failure to comprehend its core clients. And other retailers are also finding it difficult to compete in today’s retail market.

What is Toys R Us target market?

Children themselves and their parents make up the majority of Toys “R” Us customers. Gen Zers are people born after 1994. According to the National Retail Federation, they influence 36% of household purchases and 48% of purchases made just for them by their parents.

Can I use a Toys R Us gift card at Babies R Us?

Present your gift card or eGift card as you would any other form of payment at the point of sale. Your gift card balance will be reduced by the amount you spend.

What was Toys R Us known for?

Children’s Bargain Town, baby goods and furnishings store in Washington, DC, served as the company’s first location. Lazarus subsequently started expanding into the toy market, and in 1957, the business formally changed its name to Toys R Us.

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