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Petco Price Match Policy


Petco Price Match Policy: If you want to save money on pet food, supplies, and other items, going to Petco can be the ideal option because it offers the advantage of price matching.

Consumers can take advantage of the advantages of the best price at checkout thanks to price matching and price adjustment policies. What you need to know about Petco’s price-matching policy is provided below.

Petco Price Match Policy

Let’s quickly learn how to leverage their price match policy to get a lower price at checkout or a partial refund for up to 14 days after your purchase.

Does Petco Price Match?

Yes, Petco has a price match policy that entitles consumers to a reimbursement for the difference between the sale price and the original purchase price of an identical item in the store for a period of up to 14 days following the original purchase.

Additionally, Petco’s pricing is comparable to that of several rivals, including Petsmart, Amazon, and Chewy.

When you buy anything, you might be happy with the price, but later on, you might feel like you paid too much, especially if you find the same thing for less elsewhere.

To assist you as the customer in balancing the difference between the purchase price and the discounted price, a price-matching policy is in place.

Does Petco Price Match

You must research and comprehend Petco’s price-matching policy if you want to take advantage of it. If the buyer can show that the same item is being sold at a lower price at another location by a rival, Petco will match the sale prices on that item.

Price matches and changes are frequently utilized to preserve and expand the client base while matching sales pricing. There are restrictions attached to a price match and price modifications in Petco locations, just as price match regulations in other retailers.


Price Match/Adjustment Time
14 Days
Where Can I Price Match?
Online & In-store
Contact Info.
(877) 738-6742
Visit the website

Measures to Follow for Price Match

➜ Identical: To get a price match at Petco, make sure that the product you want is the same as the next one in terms of color, model, size, and brand.

➜ Proof: Proof is required to compare selling prices. For instance, you can use evidence like a website advertisement, an email they sent you, or a printed advertisement to show that a competitor charges less for identical goods.

➜ Availability: Only in-stock products are eligible for price matching. This holds for both Petco and the rival you want to compete against.

➜ Services: service costs are not priced to match, including those for pet photographs, training, and similar items.

➜ Live Animals: Live animals are not eligible for price matching because no two animals are equal.

➜ Online Competitor: Check to see if the online opponent you want to play against is on the list of allowed opponents.

You can call Petco directly at (877) 738-6742 to make a claim for the process of price matching a product, or you can visit their official website.

How Can I Request For Petco Price Adjustment?

Petco will change the price of a product if the retailer reduces it within 14 days of purchase. It’s like Petco’s price match, but the store only compares its prices. Two options exist for price adjustments and partial refunds.

These two are like price matching. In-store, visit Petco and request a price adjustment. You can request a price change online. Call customer service to obtain a price match.

By going here, you may get a list of Petco locations that offer price matching.

Exceptions to Petco Price Match

Petco has some restrictions on the use of its price match program. Let’s look at what those are.

  • Pricing mistakes made by rivals
  • Petco’s pricing error and its correction
  • Offers, sales, auctions, and discounts made by rivals
  • absence of notice

You have the option to return the item to Petco and buy it from another retailer for a lower price if you have already purchased the item and are unable to match the pricing.

Does Petco Price Match Online? will only match prices from the following online merchants when you shop there:


Petco won’t match the online prices of the stores listed above if the prices are only available to members or people who pay for a subscription. Petco will also match its store prices when making purchases online.

Petco Price Match On Sales Policy

Petco does not price match sales, clearance, or reduced items, in-store or online. Under business rules, you can only alter a product’s price once.

Petco does not allow coupons on price-matched items because they are already discounted. So, no more discounts.

Petsmart’s price-matching policy excludes:

  • Customer product returns
  • Raincheck items
  • Gift cards
  • Products from overseas competitors
  • Pet adoptions, pet services, and live animals


This article explains the guidelines (and exceptions) for saving money while shopping. You can request a partial refund after buying an item.

Petco will price match at actual locations but is not competitive online. The corporation won’t match membership and subscription perks until they’re open to everyone.

You can only compare prices from,,,,,, and on

Since the animals, Petco sells are frequently quite diverse and one of a kind from one another, Petco does not match the prices of the animals it sells.

FAQs – Petco Price Match Policy

Can you price match at Petco?

You can read more about our retailers’ price-matching policies here: goo. gl/nJLZqb. Pet Services,, and special offers and promotions, including rebates, mail-in offers, free with-purchase offers, limited quantity offers, and bundled items, are not covered by PETCO’s price match guarantee.

Does Petco do military discounts?

Popular in the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, Petco is a retailer of pet supplies. Sadly, Petco does not provide a military discount, but there are still lots of other ways to save money on your purchases.

Can you use Petco gift cards at chewy?

If you receive a gift card from a pet supply store, you should presume that you can only use it there. For instance, if you receive a Chewy gift card, use it on the company’s website or app.

The same would apply to a gift card from PetSmart or any other significant pet supply retailer. Enjoy your shopping!

Does Petco offer teacher discounts?

Is There a Teacher Discount at Petco? Neither in-person nor online, Petco does not currently provide a flat-rate teacher discount.

However, if you want to bring a pet into your classroom, stop your search right here! Through the Pet Care Trust, Petco provides funds for dogs in Pre-K through 8th-grade classes.

Can you stack coupons at Petco?

Unless your coupon would reduce the subtotal to less than $0, Petco doesn’t have a limit on the number of coupons or rewards you can combine on a single order.

Can you use your Petco employee discount online?

To obtain it, you must purchase it from the store. Call customer service to place an order online from home and enjoy your employee discount (aka helpdesk).

So that you can use your discount or get it, they will set up your account with your employee information.

Can I use a Petco gift card at PetSmart?

Can I use a gift card from Petco at PetSmart? Your Petco gift card cannot be used at PetSmart. Only Petco stores and accept them.

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