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O’Reilly Price Match Policy


O’Reilly Price Match Policy: O’Reilly Auto Parts is a well-known auto parts company. The US has almost 5000 stores.

The company intends to be Mexico’s biggest auto parts supplier with 20 outlets. The provider has low prices and high-quality goods. O’Reilly Auto Parts also matches prices. This ensures they’re ahead of the curve.

O’Reilly Auto Parts coupon codes are available. If so, read O’Reilley’s price match policy. I can save you time and trouble.

O'Reilly Price Match Policy

“Does O’Reilly price match?” is a common question. While some ask, “Does O’Reilly price adjust?” same questions? We’ve compiled a tutorial on O’Reilly’s price match.

Yes, quickly. O’Reilly’s price match assurance is O’Reilly’s auto price guarantee. Only retail stores are covered. Local competitors can be undercut. The store will match these local competitors’ prices.

Price Matching at O’Reilly

“Low Price Guarantee” is O’Reilly’s price match guarantee. O’Reilly will match local retail competitors’ prices under this policy.

AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, PepBoys, and other “auto parts” retailers are included. Walmart, Home Depot, and other non-car-parts stores may not be matched. As usual, store managers decide.

Conditions for a price match

  • Both parties involved in the price match must have the items in stock. 
  • The product you want to match must have an equivalent warranty.

Price Adjustment at O’Reilly

O’Reilly’s official policy is not to change pricing or apply coupons after a transaction has been completed. For a price adjustment, each sale is final. You could now have a little bit more luck with the actual day-to-day execution of the given policy.

Certain shop managers have informed us that they are open to deviating from the aforementioned guideline. Whether or not you get an exemption will probably depend on the difference in price and how long it has been since you bought the item.

What about online stores?

While retail competitors’ pricing will be matched, O’Reilly’s is currently unable to match prices from online merchants. They contend that because they don’t have storefronts or floor staff, they offer a lower quality of service, allowing them to operate at a lower cost.

How To Request O’Reilly Price Match Policy?

Like other businesses, O’Reilly’s has a price-matching policy. You must take a few actions to obtain a price match. Let’s look at them now:

  • Visit the O’Reilly store and purchase your preferred item there.
  • Investigate the identical brand, model, and product at a different competitor’s website.
  • Check again to see if the product is excluded according to O’Reilly.
  • Go to the O’Reilly store and speak with a store employee there.
  • Show them the proper evidence (it can be an advertisement that reveals the price of the item).
  • The salesperson will confirm the information and submit your request to the store manager.
  • The manager will reduce the charge if you have provided valid and appropriate proof.

Does O’Reilly Price Match With RockAuto?

No way! O’Reilly does not match rock auto’s prices. The fact that RockAuto is an entirely online business is the cause.

They don’t have the same expenses related to maintaining a physical location. At the moment, O’Reilly can’t match prices with its online rivals.

Does O’Reilly Give Price Adjustments After Purchase?

Sadly, O’Reilly does not change pricing once a transaction has been completed. O’Reilly will not change its price as a result if you later find a competitor selling the same item for less money.

A lower price cannot be obtained by returning the item to an O’Reilly location.


O’Reilly has a large number of stores across the US that sell parts for cars, bikes, and trucks. While they don’t match online prices, they guarantee the lowest in-store price.

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FAQs – O’Reilly Price Match Policy

What is O’Reilly Auto Parts’s refund policy?

On all items purchased from O’Reilly Auto Parts, we provide a limited warranty. You can bring a damaged product that is still under warranty back to any O’Reilly Auto Parts location for a replacement, repair, or refund. For warranty service, you must have the original purchase receipt.

Will O Reilly’s price match RockAuto?

O’Reilly does not match rockauto’s prices. The fact that RockAuto is an entirely online business is the cause. They don’t have the same expenses related to maintaining a physical location. At the moment, O’Reilly can’t match prices with its online rivals.

Does O’Reilly do exchanges?

Any O’Reilly Auto Parts location will accept returns for both in-person and online purchases, or you may ship them to the business.

If you still have the original sales receipt, there is no time restriction for returns of new items. Your return must be in the original packaging to be accepted.

Does O Reilly’s give a military discount?

Our military discount is 10% off the suggested retail price of in-store purchases, except for motor oil, antifreeze, sale items, items bought on the internet, items made to order, and items bought from outside the store.

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