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Office Depot Price Match Policy


Office Depot Price Match Policy: One of the top equipment and supplies for productive work in the business world is offered by Office Depot. Therefore, we shall examine in depth their price match policy today.

Office Depot Price Match Policy

Have you ever considered the amount of money you could have saved if you had always gotten the greatest bargain when making a new purchase?

It can be costly to avoid requesting a price match (or adjustment). You will be well-equipped to price match when and how to price match efficiently after reading this article. So let’s get started straight away.

Does Office Depot Price Match?

Do you want to shop while saving money? How? Read on! You’ll almost surely succeed if you follow these easy steps. You have a good probability of getting a price match if your new item is sold by at least one other merchant (i.e., a rival).

The process for price matching is the same across all Office Depot, Office Max, and locations. The employee at your local shop or the customer service hotline will be happy to help you.


Price Match /Adjustment Time
14 Days
Where Can I Price Match?
Online & In-store
Contact Info.
Visit the website
Office Depot

Criteria or Measures of Price Match

First the obvious! A price match requires that every item be identical. This includes the warranty duration in addition to the brand, color, and model configuration.

Your product will only be eligible for price matching if all the criteria are met. Additionally, both sites must have immediate access to (and stock of) both products.

If you wish to match a product that includes a service plan (such as wireless devices, aka cellphones), The plan, provider, and all other terms must comply with the policy’s other requirements.

After applying any discounts, coupons, and/or savings, the final price will be the one that will be compared for price matching. The competitor’s price is determined using the same formula.

Office Depot Price Match Conditions

Almost all of Office Depot’s prices are competitive with those of its rivals. However, there are some restrictions and conditions that must be met to be qualified for a price match. Let’s look at the prerequisites.

  • The features and models of the products must be comparable.
  • Wireless devices, for example, must exactly match other service package items.
  • Both retailers ought to have stock of the item.
  • An item’s guarantee period ought to be uniform.
  • Items sold by independent resellers are not included.

Remember that Office Depot can turn down your request for a price match if they can’t check the proof you gave them or if any of the other requirements aren’t met.

Office Depot Process of Price Match

You must present the item, its price, and its configuration to have your request for a price match process. A store employee will then check to make sure that your item is eligible and that the proof you gave is real.

acceptable techniques:

  • is a printed advertisement that features the product and the associated cost.
  • replica of printed signage from a rival business, such as a price-related in-store advertisement.
  • Email advertisements or webpages on your computer, tablet, or mobile device are considered digital.
  • A printed quote is necessary when comparing a custom print/copy job.

Office Depot and Office Max will refund the difference if you have already paid for qualifying goods and can show documentation of the lower price within 14 days of the original purchase.

Office Depot has the right to look over any offer and confirm it before agreeing to match the price.

Office Depot Price Match Exclusions

The price match policy does not apply to a wide range of goods and services. You can avoid price matching for some products by looking through the exclusions list.

  • Each item can only have one competitor’s price matched.
  • Delivery, installation, computer servicing, and other service plans are not included.
  • Additionally, excluded are items that are given away, discounted, on sale, offered, or purchased with gift cards.
  • Additionally excluded are taxes, liquidations, ad errors, clearing, etc.

Note: Please keep in mind that Office Depot can change this exclusion policy at any time and without warning.

Price Adjustment Policy at Office Depot

A price adjustment is a post-purchase price match. The best example is one. Say you bought a  $200 printer at Office Depot on January 1.

The printer is $150, five days later. To get the $70 refund, bring the original receipt to the retailer where you bought the item. Talk to a store employee to process your refund.

Office Depot Adjustment Policy

This shows the price of an purchase in Office Depot or Office Max stores. Stores should repay the difference.

Price matching is usually avoided based on Office Depot catalogs and special deals. So, market or contract customer prices differ. Price matching does not consider these parameters.

Additionally, the customer service center will not match prices for in-store promotions. It also covers goods that are sold by a third party on Office Depot’s official website.

Office Depot Covid-19 Update

Office Depot has taken significant measures to safeguard the health and welfare of its employees, just like any other business. Because it is crucial to offer support during these trying times, Office Depot has taken the following actions:

  • Store hours were shortened to make room for more cleaning and sanitization after business hours.
  • It has become required that the store undergo enhanced sanitization.
  • Both consumers and personnel must wear masks.
  • Both curbside and door-to-door delivery are available.


We anticipate that using our instructions will enable you to make significant financial savings at Office Depot. We recommend that you keep an eye on prices even after you’ve purchased because the requirements and exclusions for the price match are important to your eligibility.

FAQs About Office Depot Price Match

Does Office Depot price match after purchase?

Show us the lower price and we’ll match it or refund you the difference if you locate a new, identical item for less at an Office Depot competitor within 14 days of your purchase, either in-person or online. Almost all identical new items that are currently in stock are included.

Does Office Depot take competitor coupons?

Yes, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s listed guidelines, we accept manufacturer’s coupons in our stores. Please look at the terms and conditions of the discount offer for more information.

What is Office Depot’s Price Match policy?

Show us the lower price and we’ll match it or refund you the difference if you locate a new, identical item for less at an Office Depot competitor within 14 days of your purchase, either in-person or online. Almost all identical new items that are currently in stock are included.

When did OfficeMax and Office Depot merge?

On November 5th, 2013, Office Depot and Office Max united to form the largest office supply business in the US. Can OfficeMax match prices? Yes, certain rivals’ prices are matched by Office Depot and Office Max.

How do I get a refund from Office Depot?

Showcase the cost of the item in any Office Depot or Office Max location if the transaction was made through

Therefore, ask the stores for the difference’s reimbursement immediately. Price matching that uses Office Depot’s catalogs or special offers lists is often avoided.

Is Office Max better than Office Depot for printing?

The only retailer that provides copy alternatives is Office Max. A few other companies do, however, provide document printing services.

Our Opinion: Office Depot outbids the competition in terms of the cost of copies and printed documents. However, you can frequently find lower-cost alternatives to various services at other merchants.

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