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No Frills Price Match Policy


No Frills Price Match Policy: No Frills was established in Toronto in 1978, and since then it has expanded into a huge national brand with 250 locations. But does the price at the bargain shop match? Learn all there is to know about the No Frills price match guarantee here.

Yes, No Frills will match prices. No Frills guarantees to match any listed competitor’s pricing as part of its “Won’t Be Beat” policy.

Just provide legitimate price comparison proof in the form of a print or digital advertisement. After confirmation, No Frills will reduce the price of their product to equal that of their rival.

The No Frills Won’t Be Beat program differs from store to store and is based on a multitude of variables, all of which are subject to change, unlike other price match programs.

No Frills Price Match Policy & Price Adjustment Policy

No Frills’ 2022 price-adjustment policy.

  • Despite having a price match policy, No Frills does not currently have a price adjustment policy as of 2022.

No Frills prices sale items.

  • No Frills does not have a price adjustment policy, hence there are no sale items that can have their prices changed.

What Is A Price Match Policy?

A retailer promises to match the price of a rival store as part of a policy known as price matching. This can be done through many channels, such as marketing, flyers, and so on.

For example, if you follow all of the company’s rules, it might let you show an ad from a competitor (with a lower price) and then sell the same thing for less than the competitor. 

What Is The No Frills Price Match Policy?

Many shops in Canada match prices, but No Frills is one of the best when it comes to a flawless price match.

Did you know that approximately 80% of Canadian consumers research advertisements, special offers, and discounts before going shopping?

According to a Market Track study, the same 80% of buyers compare prices online across all categories before deciding to buy in person.

Even if they ultimately decide to buy anything in a store, they still do their research and price comparison before doing so.

It may be incredibly aggravating when prices constantly change in the cutthroat retail industry, especially during the holidays. When purchasing, getting the best price becomes a customer’s priority, which is why many Canadians resort to price matching.

With a focus on superior meat and fruit, a dedication to the neighborhood, and reliable, affordable prices, No Frills provide something exceptional that is well worth taking into consideration.

Does No Frills Price Match?

Yes, No Frills does have a price match policy of its own. No Frills, often known as the “Can’t Be Beat” program, guarantees to match the cost of any item from its list of pre-selected rivals.

If you find a competitor selling a product for less, go to your local No Frills with the relevant ad (it can be digital or printed) and show it to the cashier.

The No Frills staff will check the product’s compliance with the price match requirements there. They will add the discount once everything is set to make the price of the product the same as that of their competitor.

Your claim must satisfy the requirements listed below for you to fully benefit from the No Frills Won’t Be Beat policy.

  • Advertising needs to be classified as a No Frills authorized rival.
  • A current advertisement is required.
  • The things must match exactly (same brand, size, weight, and item type).
  • Any third-party markets that could be functioning on the No Frills property do not ship or sell the items (meat, seafood, barbecue, or bakery).

You won’t have any trouble having your price match claim validated if you adhere to these rules.

What products are included under the price match policy?

The products that are qualified for the No Frills price match promise must meet several requirements, as is the case with any price match program.

First, the competitor’s promoted goods must be an exact match to their No Frills counterpart in terms of brand and item kind. The size and characteristics of the product must be the same for produce, meat, and baked goods.

Of course, the Won’t Be Beat program has a list of exclusions. These consist of:

  • Items in multi-purchase promotions, such as “buy X, get X free,”
  • Products with special online or email prices
  • Products are discounted via loyalty programs.
  • Products offered and delivered by third-party marketplace vendors
  • Any products, such as meat, seafood, barbecue, or baked goods, offered for sale on the No Frills grounds by outside vendors

Additionally, the Won’t Be Beat program is limited to the No Frills franchise’s departments. Gas stations, pharmacies, and prescriptions as specified by applicable law are not covered by the Won’t Be Beat policy.

Benefits Of The No Frills Price Match Policy

Price matching makes sense as a marketing strategy for a variety of reasons.

Because any company willing to price match already has low prices on its stock and wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time changing prices, it guarantees a customer that they got the lowest price possible.

Since you appear to be asking No Frills for the price you desire, price matching offers you complete control. Customer confidence is ensured since you know you’re being taken care of.

The objective is to remain ahead of the competition, and big businesses will do this by offering to match prices. Additionally, they give you the chance to change prices because it can be difficult for them to predict when a rival changes prices.

You can considerably cut your grocery and other frequent purchase expenses by using No Frills price matching.

What Is The Purpose Of Price Matching?

The main goal of price matching is to save you a ton of time and money by paying the lowest price possible for all of your shopping in one location.

Price Match Apps And Websites

When buying groceries or other items for their homes or personal use, Canadians can use a few trusted and simple methods to price match and save money. Those that are easiest to understand are:

  • Price matching Apps
  • Flyers and receipts
  • Websites

Price Match Apps

The most popular price comparison applications in Canada are these:

  • 1. Flip
  • 2. Reebee App
  • 3. SalesWhale

1. Flipp

Flipp: One of the most well-liked apps for flyers, ads, coupons, and price comparisons in Canada is called Flipp. You may use your smartphone to obtain flyers from more than a thousand nearby shops thanks to the app.

Simply search for the item you’re looking for, compare the asking prices at several retailers, and choose the one with the best deal.

Additionally, you may make a shopping list and add to it at any moment, then share it with your loved ones. The list will instantly sync with the one you’ve already prepared.

Flipp can be downloaded for free from the Google Play and iTunes stores.

2. Reebee App 

Reebee, like Flipp, is a flyer app that enables you to easily browse all of the local grocery store flyers and compare product pricing.

Since everything is localized, you only get flyers for the shops that are mostly in your area. You have two options for entering your postal code: manually or through the GPS on your phone.

It can be found on Google Play and the App Store.

3. SaleWhale

According to SaleWhale’s website, price matching at any food shop is quick and simple. They even have a system in place to notify you when the items you tend to purchase are on sale. They can be found on Google Play and iTunes as well.

Flyers And Receipts

Simply put, not everyone is comfortable with the thought of utilizing a smartphone when it comes to price matching, hence this option is provided.

Flyers can be used very easily and simply if you just do the following:

  • Collect the weekly store flyers.
  • Look through the flyers and make a note of the best and lowest offers that you want to price match.
  • Then continue your shopping.

Just remember the guidelines for each item you want to price match.

Price Match Websites

One of the simplest and most convenient ways to save money while shopping online is to use a price comparison website. The following list of price-matching websites is valid for Canada:


It was first made available in 2004 to put worried Canadian shoppers in touch with fiercely competitive Canadian shops.

Shopbot’s product search engine gives customers the best deals and most relevant results.

is a Canadian search engine that aids in connecting consumers and businesses. Finding decent price-matching bargains is made easier by using it.

FAQs – No Frills Price Match Policy

What are the rules for price matching?

Some retailers have a policy known as price matching, also known as a price guarantee, which states that if you discover an identical item for less money, they’ll match or beat the price.

Depending on the store, price matching can be asked for in person or online, usually before making a purchase.

What is a price match guarantee?

A Price Match Guarantee is what? A PMG is essentially a retailer’s pledge to refund the difference if a consumer finds a lower price elsewhere after making a purchase.

PMGs are used in both wholesale and retail markets by big stores all over the world, like Walmart, Tesco, and Best Buy, to name a few.

How does No Frills price match?

It’s easy. Present the cashier with a competitor’s flyer or receipt showing the cheaper price for the same item. They’ll charge you the same fee to purchase that item.

Does No Frills price match produce?

We compare identical items, which are those that have the same brand, item type (for produce, meat, and bakery products), size, and quality, or comparable things for private-label products.


Does Real Canadian Superstore price Match No Frills?

Show the lower quoted price on an identical item, and Real Canadian Superstore will match it. That is their policy on price matching.

Notably, this grocery store is called Atlantic Superstore in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, even though their prices are not the same. Keep in mind that if you’re a PC Insiders member, you can save even more

Can you return food to No Frills?

After 14 days from the purchase date, we will gladly accept returns of the product with the original receipt.

Returns without Original Receipt: If you can’t find your receipt, just present photo identification, and we’ll be happy to swap the item for a different one as long as it’s still in its original sealed packaging.

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