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Michaels Price Match Policy


Michaels Price Match Policy: Michaels is one of those businesses where you go to buy one thing but leave with a bag full of others. Price matching helps shoppers find deals.

Michaels’ price matching has guidelines. In-store and online prices are usually the same, unless there’s a particular treatment, like an online-only discount. Michaels.com lowers prices if they’re lower than in-store.

Michaels Price Match Policy

Michaels matches competitors’ prices. Michaels will price match your original purchase within seven days if it’s discounted. Michaels matches online and in-store prices.

Michaels will match competitors’ prices on equivalent brand-and-size items. Valid products must be marketed. Show the cashier the proof to get a discount.

This article explains Michaels’ price match, rules, and more.

Does Michael’s Price Match?

Yes! Michaels will match prices. They will match certain competitors’ online and in-store prices. Customers have seven days to submit a price match request.

Additionally, they guarantee to beat the cheaper price by an additional 10%. Price matching is only permitted if the product is identical.

Price Match/Adjustment Time
7 Days
In-store & Online
Contact Info.
Visit the website

Michaels Eligible Online Retailers For Price Match

List of the eligible online merchants with whom Michaels will match prices:


Michaels In-store Price Match

If the available item was available at a lower price at the qualified retailer store, Michaels In-Store Price Match guarantees that prices will be lowered and beaten down by 10%.

Before establishing an in-store price match, you may want to call your original store and ask if there are any problems. Keep in mind that all price matches eventually become subject to the store director’s discretion.

You can also check Michaels Price Adjustment Policy

Guidelines for In-store Price Match

  • Check to see if you have the following data.
  • When you visit the register for confirmation, you should have proof of the advertisement and a printout with you.
  • Make sure you verify twice that the things you purchased are equivalent.
  • Please be aware that unavailable items will not be entitled.
  • Michaels retains the right to verify the listed price.

Michaels Online Price Match

When you purchase a qualifying item from Michaels.com and find the same item for a lower price at Michaels. Call 1-800-642-4235 to reach customer service for Michaels.com. Online orders cannot have their prices changed in-store.

Guidelines for Online Price Match

The subsequent conditions are listed:

  • Make sure to double-check that the product is identical in every detail, including weight.
  • Make sure your website, ad date, and price difference are accurate. When you request a price match, these must be made available.
  • Make sure you check the competitor’s website to see if the item is still offered. You won’t receive a price match if you do. Michaels maintains the right to verify the price listed by a participating merchant.
  • If a retailer runs out of stock, Michaels will not match that merchant’s offer.
  • The number of certified employees who can match prices for online orders made from accessible stores is limited.

What Are the Michaels Price Match Conditions?

Before making a request, make sure you are qualified for a price match at Michaels. The following restrictions apply to both in-store and online purchases under their policy:

  • Both items must be the same. (Same brand, color, size, weight, and model number, for example.)
  • The rival should have the item in stock.
  • Coupons from Michaels or other stores cannot be applied on top of a price match.
  • Michaels.com won’t issue rain checks if an item is out of stock.
  • Price matching may have a customer-by-item maximum set by the retailer.

Can I Price Match Multiple Items at Once?

No! You are only permitted to match the prices of one product each day by Michaels’ price matching policy. Only US residents may use this. Even though it is rare, you can only price match once if you discover a lower price than Michaels.

If you have another item to price match, we advise returning your purchase by Michaels’ return policy. By doing this, you can get your money back and buy the cheaper item.

Rejections From Michaels Price Match

Find out about the upcoming rejections and how they might stop you from using the price match:

Special discounts: Items made available under unique conditions, such as liquidation, used merchandise, or open packages, are not eligible.

Holiday purchases, particularly those made around Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, and other special occasions, are not eligible for a price match.

  • One example of a discounted good that can’t be beaten in price is a special suggestion or a discounted ticket.
  • Repeated charges for services, deliveries, taxes, or levies are not permitted.
  • Price matching won’t be possible for online purchases made from stores that aren’t known.


You now know that you can walk into a Michaels location to request a price match for an in-store purchase or an online purchase.

You only need to contact one of their customer service representatives. Additionally, Michaels’s price match policy gives you the right to avoid paying too much for goods. Why not give it a shot and stop overspending on your possessions?

FAQs About Michaels Price Match Policy

Does Michael’s price match competitors?

If a competitor’s product is out of stock, we won’t match it. For price matches with online competitors, we reserve the right to set a maximum number of price matches per identical item and client.

We can’t use any additional coupons from Michaels or other stores along with the Low Price Guarantee price cut.

What is Michaels price match policy?

This policy is subject to change without prior warning. If you purchase a qualifying item from michaels.ca and later discover it for less at another website that is authorized to sell it, in a printed or digital ad from Michaels, or elsewhere, we will match the lower price and then beat it by 10%.

What types of coupons does Michaels offer?

Michaels provides its customers with a variety of coupons. Any One Regular Price Item, the Entire Regular Price Purchase, and the Entire Purchase Including Sale Items are examples of common coupon categories. Learn more about each of our coupon types.

Do you match prices on private-label items?

Private-label brands and clearance merchandise are excluded from our price-matching policy. Matching is permitted between AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, and Jo-Ann.

Customers must bring in the competitor’s ad, whether it’s in print or on their phone or computer, to get the competitor’s price in-store (e.g., on their phone).

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