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Menards 11% Rebate Dates


What Are Menards 11% Rebate Dates?

Menards 11% Rebate Dates: How would it feel to go into a store, buy something, and a few weeks later get a cash-back check? Doesn’t it feel good? That’s the point of rebates. The store gives a check or store credit for the amount of the refund.

Rebates are great for people who like to save money, not because they love getting cash back, but because they know how important it is to get the most out of every dollar. With a rebate, you can save a lot of money and make money at the same time.

Menards 11% Rebate Dates

Rebates can even help you save money on home improvement projects, like remodeling your bathroom, buying a hair drain cleaner, or retiling it. So, the Menards rebate program comes into play.

About Menards 11% Rebate Dates

Do you know Menards? You probably know The Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement. If you don’t reside in the Midwest, his background is brief.

Menards is a retailer of home improvement products with a focus on the Midwest states.

A total of 15 states Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas have roughly 336 stores for the hardware company.

They don’t stay open 24 hours a day, and on weekdays and weekends, they normally close at 10 p.m.

The hardware stores sell a lot of different things, like tools, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, garden supplies, different succulents, light fixtures, hay bales when they’re in season, and building materials.

For all of your home renovation needs, a Menards store nearby might be a terrific one-stop shop. You can order products from and have them shipped to you no matter where you live.

Menards is a favorite among frugal shoppers because of its 11% Menards rebate week!

What’s the Menards 11% sale?

The Menards 11% rebate is a sale that happens every week, at least during COVID, at Menards stores. On eligible items, the customer gets 11% cash back. Even though Menards doesn’t announce or publish its 11% rebate dates in advance, the event usually takes place for about a week each month.

The front-end manager at my local Menards told me that the 11% sale usually happens once a month, but since COVID, it’s been happening every week. So, as of the time this was written, the Menards 11% rebate schedule will go on forever.

The 11% rebate can be used on any full-priced item as long as it is in stock during the sale. But the Menards 11% sale doesn’t include gift cards, rentals, propane, carpet cleaner rentals, extended agreements, and other things.

There is no limit to how many things you can buy. You’ll get an 11% rebate on each purchase, as long as the item is full price and in stock.

Keep an eye on Menards’ weekly ad so you don’t miss the next rebate. You can also use the Menards store locator to find the phone number of a Menards near you and call them to ask about the rebate dates.

You can also sign up for the Menards newsletter to find out about deals and save a lot of money. You will get an email every time a local Menards has an 11% off sale.

When is Menards Next 11% Sale?

The dates of the 11% rebates from Menards are not made public or written down ahead of time. Menards 11 rebates have always been given out once a month for about one week.

Note: Since COVID started, the 11% sale had been running weekly at Menards.

Does Menards Have 11 Rebates This Week?

Usually, the sale happens once a month, but as of this writing, it’s happening every week. Use the Menards store locator or give them a call to find out if the 11% sale is happening this week.

Note: Since April, the 11% rebate sale has been going on almost every week.

How Does the Menards 11% Rebate Work?

A mail-in rebate program is available through Menards. When you purchase a Menards location, you will be eligible to receive a Menards rebate check in the form of store credit equal to 11% of the purchase price of each item.

Here’s how the rebate process works:

Every week, the weekly ad shows customers what items they can get for free, at a very low price, or for a rebate of the purchase price. You can also get more information in the store, like when rebates end, how many items you can buy, and how much you should pay upfront.

Check out when you’re done shopping and keep the receipt. At the bottom of the purchase receipt, you’ll find a unique “Rebate Receipt” with a rebate number for each rebate item you buy.

Bring your receipt to the customer service desk to get a form for an 11% Menards rebate and fill out the necessary information. The Menards Rebate Center is another place where you can get the rebate form and print it.

The mailing address and the date by which the form must be postmarked to get the rebate credit are printed on the Menards 11% rebate form. Once it is done, send it in with the original receipt for the purchase before the deadline.

Your Menards rebate check will arrive in the mail in about 6 to 8 weeks. The check comes in the form of a 4×6-inch paper store credit card that can only be used to buy things at Menards stores.

You can save even more money by combining the next 11% sale at Menards with other Menards rebates and manufacturer’s coupons.

What are the Menards 11% Rebate Exclusions?

The 11% Menards rebate is only good for full-price items in stock during the dates of the Menards rebate.

Here’s a list of things that can’t be bought on sale at Menards:

  • Purchase of propane
  • Present cards
  • Purchase of KeyMe (key copy duplication kiosk)
  • Service contracts that last longer
  • Event tickets
  • There are fees for delivery and handling on all items you rent.
  • There are fees for processing and packaging.

The Menards 11% sale is great because once you get your store rebate in the mail, you can get things for free.

How To Complete the 11% Off Menards Rebate Form?

The customer service desk at Menards will have all of the rebate forms. You can also go to the Menards Rebate Center online and print out a rebate form.

Get the 11% rebate form from Menards and fill it out with all the necessary information. Then, at the bottom of your purchase receipt, you’ll see a special “Rebate Receipt” with the rebate numbers for each eligible item you bought.

On the rebate form, you’ll find the address to send it to and the date it needs to be postmarked to get your refund. Your receipt will also have the date that the item is good.

So make sure you fill out the rebate form and mail it in before the deadline. It could take 6–8 weeks to process the rebate form. So be patient while you wait for your check from Menards.

Here’s how to fill out the form to get 11% off at Menards

Can I Submit a Menards Rebate Form Online?

No, you can’t send in a rebate form for Menards online. But you can download the form from Menards’ online rebate site and mail it back once it’s filled out.

The check will be sent to the address you gave. But at Menards Rebates International, you can check on your rebates online.

Can I Use My Menards Rebate Check Online?

You can only use your rebate check at a Menards store, which is too bad. Online, the only way to pay is with a credit card.

What’s the Address for the Menards Rebate?

On the rebate form, the correct Menards rebate address is written. So, send the receipt and the filled-out rebate form to the address on the form.

Still, almost all rebates from Menards go to the same P.O. Box in Wisconsin. Most of the time, the address for the Menards mail-in rebate is:

Rebate Offer
P.O. Box 155,
Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155

If all of your rebates are going to the same address, you can save money by mailing them all in the same envelope.

What To Do With A Lost Menards Rebate Check?

If for some reason, you never got your Menards rebate check, you will need to file a claim on the Menards website. Check the status of your rebate to see if your rebate check has been sent or if it is still being processed.

If it was sent out but never showed up at your address, the carrier likely had trouble and it got lost in the mail. If that’s the case, you’ll have to file a claim.

Use the contact form on the Menards website to ask for a new rebate check. Fill in all the required information, like your name and how to reach you. Then choose the subject and say what kind of help you need.

Under “Other,” write in the “Comment” section how you would like to be helped. In our case, you could write “Menards rebate never received” or “Menards rebate issued but never received.”

Then send the form to Menards and wait for them to get back to you. When a new rebate comes out, you’ll probably get an email telling you about it.

Do Menards Rebate Checks Expire?

No, the checks from Menards do not expire. The Menards rebate check is a store credit that can only be used at Menards. It comes on a 4×6 paper check. Since the money doesn’t run out, you don’t have to spend it quickly.

But the purchase receipt and the filled-out redemption form must be postmarked by the due date on the purchase receipt or on the form itself. If you don’t send them in on time, the rebate form will no longer be valid.

So make sure you send the envelope to the right address before the date it expires. Once you get a rebate check, it will always be good.

Will Menards Accept Late Rebates?

Menards has been known to take rebates that have already passed their due date. Try to send them in before the deadline every time. But it’s up to them to decide whether or not to take a late rebate that’s only 1-2 weeks past its due date.

Surprisingly, there are stories of people who sent in a rebate three months late but still got a check in the mail.

How To Lookup Lost Menards Rebate Receipt?

You can look up and print lost Menards rebate receipts for in-store purchases made with a debit card, credit card, or business or personal check.

You might also need to look at your receipt to find out what the return policy is for Menards after 90 days. Do these things:

  • At any Menards store, go to the kiosk near the service desk.
  • You can see all the transactions made with that payment method by swiping your card or entering your account information.
  • Next, enter the date of purchase or the SKU number of the product to narrow the search results.
  • Last, choose the receipt you want to print.

If you bought something from, you could look up your receipt there. Follow these steps after you log in to your account:

  • Choose “My Account” from the drop-down menu next to “Welcome, Sign In.”
  • Choose “Lookup Receipts” from the list of “Recent Purchases.”
  • Choose the method of payment used to make the purchase and sort the transactions by the date they were made.
  • Once you find the receipts you want, click the checkbox next to them in the “Select” column.
  • Click “Save” to see the receipt as a PDF file.
  • Then save your receipt or print it out.

Menards can’t keep track of cash purchases, which is a shame. So if you bought something with cash, Menards wouldn’t be able to find your receipt or give you a new one.

Menards takes money orders, the Menards Big Card, contractor cards, credit cards, debit cards that haven’t expired, the Reliacard, rebate checks, personal checks, cash, traveler’s checks, and cashier’s checks.

It’s not a store that takes Venmo, Apple Pay, or Google Play. doesn’t accept cash, money orders, gift cards without a PIN, rebates, or checks from third parties.

How To Save Money at Menards?

Menards offers numerous other methods to save money than the 11% sale:

Menards Big Card 2% Rebate: Get the smart chip credit card and get 2% cashback on all Menards purchases. Contractors that spend six or seven figures on building supplies should consider the card.

In a state with free land, you may be on an excavating contract that builds properties for habitation.

Menards Coupons: Menards Big Card monthly statements contain coupons. It includes Menards “Clip & Save Offers” coupons for free and discounted items.

Menards Clearance Sale: The website’s “Ray’s List” has limited discounts, open box deals, clearance items, and closeouts.

In-store clearance sections at Menards provide cheap appliances, outdoors, home & décor, electrical supplies, paint, and other shop display models, unclaimed deals, and slightly dinged and damaged items.

Does Menards Cut Wood?

Menards cannot cut lumber or plywood. Menards does not have a self-serve miter saw stations, so you cannot cut wood there.

Other home improvement businesses include self-serve miter saw stations for cutting wood. Lowe’s and The Home Depot cut in-store timber and plywood. If you cut a little wood, you won’t get charged, but if you cut a lot, you might.


Menards’ 11% rebate week saves money on home improvements. Menards rebate dates can save you money if you buy there occasionally. Since COVID-19, Menards rebates run daily instead of monthly.

After buying, redeem your rebate at the customer service desk or print a Menards rebate form from the Rebates Center. Complete and mail the form before the deadline.

Track your rebate status using the Menards rebate lookup tool. Rebate processing takes 6-8 weeks. Your rebate cheque for Menards will arrive in the mail after processing. The check doesn’t expire, so there’s no rush to spend it.

To get a new rebate check, file a Menards complaint.

Check the Menards weekly ad or call your local store for the next rebate. Subscribe to the Menards newsletter to receive weekly savings and special offers in your email.

Menards sells more than home improvement. It also features an automotive area with tools to spin rotors, lubricants for manual autos, deep cycle batteries, and CO2 tanks for airing tires or replenishing SodaStream canisters.

FAQs About Menards 11% Rebate Dates

Is Menard’s 11% rebate going on?

So, as of the time this was written, the Menards 11% rebate schedule will go on forever. The 11% rebate can be used on any full-priced item as long as it is in stock during the sale.

How long does Menards 11 off last?

We’re happy to give you an 11% discount if your purchase meets the following rules: The items were bought no more than 14 days before the sale started. Items with sale prices that aren’t part of the 11% Sale

Will Menards honor expire rebates?

Even though you can only use the rebates at Menards, they never expire and can be used in addition to other rebates.

Can I use my Menards rebate to buy a gift card?

Now is the time to purchase gift cards and receive 11% back in merchandise credit. After that, you use the gift cards (when items are on sale or an additional 11 percent rebate is available).

This means that you can really “double rebate.” Let me give you an example.

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