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Macy’s Price Match Policy


Macy’s Price Match Policy: Due to their discounts and promotions, department stores have become people’s preferred shopping locations. Price matching is one of the most popular discounts that these shops offer to customers.

Customers can purchase anything from the store for the lowest market price thanks to a price-matching policy. Does Macy’s provide this discount, then? Does Macy’s match prices?

Macy's Price Match Policy & Price Adjustment Policy

Sadly, Macy’s department stores don’t offer price matching. It has a policy for price adjustments under which any drop in the cost of an item within ten days of purchase may be adjusted in the customer’s account. Buyers must send an email to Macy’s with their proof of purchase and a request to change the price.

Macy’s Price Adjustment Policy

Price matching between Macy’s and its rivals is not offered. The department store has a price adjustment policy under which it modifies pricing by those changes.

Customers will get the difference between the previous price and the current price if a product’s price decreases within 10 days of their purchase, per Macy’s policy on price adjustments. Only when prices change within ten days of the product’s purchase is the adjustment made.

Notably, no promo code or discount voucher should be used when making the transaction to qualify for the price adjustment. Except for a few products, the price adjustment policy only applies when a product’s price decreases within ten days of the original purchase. The exclusions include

When you buy an iPhone, there are rules about price adjustments if the price drops within 14 days instead of 10.

The 30-day grace period for price adjustments applies to all Apple products except the iPhone. This means that if you buy an Apple product and the price drops within 30 days, you may be able to get a price adjustment.

How To Get a Price Adjustment Done From Macy’s?

Macy’s will modify the price of any item within 10 days of purchase. The policy credits clients with the difference between the purchase price and lower prices. You’ll get the money the way you paid.

Macy’s customers must request pricing adjustments. Macy’s can be contacted via email or live chat. Macy’s website has chat and email links. Macy’s accepts client price-adjustment requests.

Customers must provide relevant information and documentation with their price adjustment requests. Customers should include the exchanged item, purchase date, original price, new price, and mailing address.

Customers should include their entire name, phone number, and email address. For security concerns, consumers shouldn’t send banking details or account numbers in the request mail.

Macy’s Provides a Range of Discounts

Macy’s does not provide a price match, in contrast to many department retailers. However, it also has a variety of additional promotions that give clients the best products at affordable prices. The ways to save at Macy’s are listed below.

Permanently Reduced Merchandise

Original (ORIG.), Closeout, Clearance, Now, Permanent Markdown, or Just Decreased signify permanently reduced merchandise. This can happen during a clearance or closeout sale or when an item’s price is permanently cut based on sales performance.

Some original (ORIG.) prices may not have been valid in the last 90 days. This may happen with clearance or intermediate price cuts. If an item is on sale, the price may keep falling until it’s gone. The item may be 25% off, then 40%, 50%, or more.

Limited To Stock On Hand, While Supplies Last

While supplies last, clearance, closeout, or special purchase deals are only available now. Supplies may be limited because the item is being cleared from inventory and won’t be reordered or because of a special purchase. When presented online, these items receive many orders. When this happens, the real-time inventory system can’t keep up with demand, and some orders must be canceled.

Value-Added Promo Codes

Sometimes a promo code or Macy’s Card offers an additional discount. These discounts are called Value Added Promotional Codes, and they have exclusions (e.g., specials, morning specials, and online Web Busters generally are excluded.) Online, promo codes go in the shopping bag.

Lowest Prices Of The Season

The phrase “Lowest Prices of the Season” refers to the four retail seasons that occur each year: spring (February through April), summer (May through June), fall (August through October), and holiday/winter (November-January). However, during a season, prices could be reduced for clearing.


Sale: Only some items are included in the sale. For instance, “Fine Jewelry on Sale” will feature a majority of the fine jewelry department’s products, but not all of them. All of the entire stock will be used if the specified category is used in its entirety (e.g., all diamond jewelry on sale).

An advertised item might occasionally be on sale for a specific occasion before having its price permanently decreased in response to how well it is selling. The item will continue to be priced lower in these circumstances.

Offering Prices

Regular (REG.) and Original (ORIG.) prices are considered offering prices because these were the prices at which the goods were sold in-person or online at Macy’s. However, the savings from the regular price may not be based on actual sales of the item, since it may not have been sold at those prices. 

Everyday Value

Everyday Value: The phrase “Everyday Value” refers to an item’s regular price. Every day Values are not eligible for any “sales” price cuts, coupons, or Macy’s credit card discounts. The price of this product can go down, though, if it is part of a clearance sale.

If Purchased Separately

If Purchased Separately: The “if purchased separately” discounts are based on the standard prices of the individual pieces that make up the set when I f Purchased Separately pricing is utilized for a set (for example, cookware or cutlery). If those things are on sale, the actual savings will be less.


Despite Macy’s best efforts to assure accuracy, we reserve the right to cancel or refuse to accept any orders based on inaccurate pricing or descriptions and to fix any errors in pricing or descriptions. Even after an order has been accepted, these corrections are still possible.

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Which Stores Offer a Price Match?

Although Macy’s doesn’t have a price matching policy, many other department stores and retail businesses do in the United States. These outlets are

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Staples
  • Home Depot 
  • Lowe’s


One such place where price matching is not possible is the department retailer Macy’s. Instead, they offer a policy for pricing adjustments.

According to this policy, your account may be credited for any decrease in the price of the item you purchased within 10 days of your purchase. Macy’s also offers a wide range of sales, discounts, seasonal specials, and coupons for the best deals.

FAQs About Macy’s Price Match Policy

Can you price match at Macy’s?

Within ten days, Macy’s will match the price of an identical product on the website of an authorized retailer. Simply present the store advertisement, website, or other forms of price proof to your Macy’s cashier to receive a price match.

What are the rules for price matching?

Some retailers have a policy known as price matching, also known as a price guarantee, which states that if you find the same item for less money, they’ll match or beat the price.

Price matching can be requested in-person or online, usually before making the purchase, depending on the merchant.

What does Macy’s last act mean?

The “Last Act” clearance sections have been added to all of Macy’s locations during the past year or two. In these sections, the prices are more straightforward: goods are very cheap, but coupons or other discounts can’t be used.

Can you price match after you bought something?

Within a few weeks of your purchase, if you find a better price, you can frequently ask the shop directly for a refund of the difference. Several retailers, including Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy, provide price modifications.

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