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Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy


Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy: A retail store may increase or decrease the original purchase price of a product. When a customer buys a product from a retail store, they may receive rebates, discounts, offsets, refunds, paybacks, etc.

Retailers can modify a product’s purchase price based on expenses, competition analyses, seasons, overstocked inventory, etc. “Kohl’s price adjustment policy”

Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy

Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy In 2022

Kohl’s will adjust the prices of select items as of 2023 if customers buy them at a regular or sale price which is reduced later on.

However, customers must make the price adjustment request within two weeks after purchase and bring in the original receipt to receive a refund for the difference.

If you want to learn more about how to ask for a price adjustment at Kohl’s, which products do not qualify for an adjustment, and much more, keep on reading!

How Do You Ask For A Price Adjustment At Kohl’s?

Whether a buyer bought a product from Kohl’s online or in person, there are different procedures for price adjustments on clothing and other things.

Customers must bring their receipts to the Customer Service Desk if the purchase was made in a Kohl’s store. This also applies to apparel and other items purchased online and picked up in-store.

Customers can ask customer care agents for a price adjustment for orders placed on Kohls.com by clicking the Ask Us button at the bottom of the website page.

Customers who made purchases online should be aware that actual Kohl’s stores allow price adjustments.

Does Kohl’s Offer A Price Adjustment After Two Weeks?

No information is provided on Kohl’s.com regarding whether or not Kohl’s will extend the two-week window for price adjustments.

But a Kohl’s customer service rep said that Kohl’s usually sticks to the two-week rule and won’t honor requests for price adjustments made more than two weeks after the date of purchase.

Customers should speak to their local Kohl’s colleagues or Kohl’s customer care personnel to see whether an extension is allowed because this may vary depending on the product and the season it was purchased in.

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Which Kohl’s Brands Do Not Qualify For Price Adjustment?

The majority of the time, Kohl’s will be able to change the prices of items like clothing, shoes, and other accessories.

However, some of Kohl’s brands and product categories are currently exempt from price modifications.

The following brands are not covered by Kohl’s price adjustment policy:

  • Columbia
  • Dyson
  • KitchenAid (select items)
  • UGG Koolaburra
  • Levi’s
  • Lovepop
  • S’well
  • Timberland

Other than that, Kohl’s won’t change the price of these product categories:

  • Online-only content (select).
  • Scent and aesthetics
  • Toys
  • Sports equipment (Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, etc.)
  • sporting goods for teams (MLB, NHL, NBA, etc).
  • high-end sunglasses (DKNY, Ray-Ban, Armani Exchange, etc.).
  • Consumables (candy bars, Starbucks, Tassimo, etc.)
  • Choose electrics (Nikon, Scholastic, Nespresso, etc.)
  • superior athletic
  • Kohl’s Brands’ curatorial team (Adore Me, Citrus & Lemon, Cleancult, etc.)
  • high-end electronics (Skullcandy, Acer, Dell, etc.).
  • Gift cards

It should be noted that the signage at Kohl’s stores will specify which brands are subject to price increases and which are not.

Customers can speak with a Kohl’s representative or check the list of all banned brands on Kohls.com if they are unsure, though.

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Does Kohl’s Offer Price Adjustments For All Store Products?

Most of Kohl’s clothing, accessories, and jewelry will have their prices changed for customers.

However, some products (like those that are on sale or that are discounted) are not eligible for price adjustments.

For instance, if the product was discounted to either of these deals within two weeks of the original purchase or was offered as part of a BOGO (buy one, get one free) or clearance promotion, Kohl’s won’t be able to adjust.

Items from Kohl’s Care are likewise exempt from price adjustments because the money from their sales goes to a nonprofit organization. Given that gift cards are exempt from discounts and coupons, this also holds for them.


As long as clients request a refund within two weeks of their initial purchase, Kohl’s makes price changes for qualified apparel, jewelry, shoes, and other products. Both in-person and online processing of these refunds is possible.

But Kohl’s doesn’t offer price cuts on things like sports equipment, gift cards, cosmetics, and other goods that don’t qualify.

Customers who want to know if they can ask Kohl’s to change the price of a certain brand or item should look at the list of “Exclusions.”

FAQs – Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy

Does Kohl’s honor lower prices?

If a competitor’s product is identical to one offered on Kohls.com, the price can be verified on the competitor’s website, and if the competitor’s product is brand-new and in-box, Kohl’s will match it online.

Direct competitors are non-wholesale businesses that have physical storefronts and an online presence.

Can you return something if the price drops?

Request a price reduction, Within a few weeks of your purchase, if you find a better price, you can frequently ask the shop directly for a refund of the difference.

Several retailers, including Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy, provide price modifications.

How does price adjustment work?

If a store has a price adjustment policy, it usually means that if the price of something you just bought goes down in the next 14 to 30 days, you can get the difference back.

What is price adjustment?

Price adjustments, sometimes known as price protection, are a retail practice used in the United States where customers can get a portion of their money back if they can prove they bought an item for less within a set time.

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