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Fry’s Price Match Policy


Fry’s Price Match Policy: A price match policy is a smart way to attract customers since the price is one of the most important things people look at when buying something.

Who wouldn’t want to buy something for less money? One of the most well-known stores in the US, Fry’s Electronics, has the best price match policy to keep customers happy.

Fry's Price Match Policy

American big-box chain Fry’s Electronics sells consumer electronics, home electronics, computer hardware, tools, cosmetics, and lots of other things.

If you need to buy something at Fry’s or have bought something there recently, you should read about how Fry’s handles price matching.

This blog talks about the details of Fry’s policy on matching prices on electronics. It answers questions like “Does Fry’s match prices?” and “Does Fry’s match Amazon prices?”

Does Fry’s Price Match?

Yes, Fry’s has a policy that has gotten a lot of attention called the Price Match Policy. According to this policy, the company will give you back the price difference.

The fact that Fry’s will match a competitor’s price helps consumers trust and believe in the company. This is very important if you want to beat the tough competition out there today.

Today, everyone who wants to buy something from Fry’s asks, “Does Fry’s price match?” When he finds out that Fry’s has a Prime Match Policy, he is more likely to buy something there.

To get a price match, the customer must show proof that a competitor has a lower price. It can be a print ad in a newspaper or an electronic ad on a cell phone. You can also show proof of purchase, such as a receipt or a printed ad, or a sign at a competitor’s store.

The customer can take advantage of Fry’s policy to match prices if he brings the same item to the store within 30 days of buying it.

But you need to know everything about Fry’s policy on matching prices. For example, Fry’s policy covers items from competitors that are the same.

Several important things come into play in this process, and if you want to get the best rates, you should know about these things. The same is shown in the sections that follow.

Fry’s Price Match Policy

Let’s get into the details of what Fry’s does to match prices. As was said above, several things affect it. Here are some of them:

It applies only to identical products: It only works for products that are the same. One of the first rules is that the product you bought at Fry’s and the product you are comparing it to to get the price difference should be the same.

It means the same model, setup, features, color, and length of warranty. Your product will only be eligible for the price match if it meets all of these criteria.

Product availability: The next important thing that affects the pricing policy is whether or not the product is available.

For example, if you saw a product online and wanted to get the same price at Fry’s, you would have to make sure that the product is sold at Fries. Only then, according to this policy, could you make a claim.

Fry’s tries to give its customers the best price, but there are some things they won’t match. If you want to get the best prices at Fry’s, you should know what those things are so you don’t have to deal with them. These are shown in bold:

  • For the price match, the company doesn’t let anyone else help.
  • If a product is sold through a third party, the price match will not work.
  • One price match per item is the rule.
  • One has the right to make sure that a price match request is real.
  • At Fry’s, the price comparison includes the cost of shipping and is based on the in-store price without taxes.
  • Online price checks can only be done in the store, and only when the item is being bought.
  • Items sold at a competitor’s store as part of a clearance sale or during a special discount hour do not meet the price match criteria.
  • If the competitor made a mistake with the price, it won’t fit into this group.
  • The company will match the prices of certain competitors or stores that are on a list, so you must check the list before claiming the price difference.
  • The price match policy also doesn’t work for products that are hard to get.
  • Items sold at festivals or other special events are not eligible for Fry’s price match.
  • To be a competitor of Fry’s, a store must have a contract with the product’s maker to sell it.

Now that you know what qualifies for and doesn’t qualify for a Fry’s electronics price match and what the exceptions are, we’ll show you how the price match process works at Fry’s.

How to Get Fry’s Price Match

Before you can understand how price matching works, you need to know that Fry’s only does it with a few online stores. If you buy a product and then find the same product (same color, model, and features) at an authorized store for less money within 30 days, Fry’s will match the price and give you the difference back.

To get Fry’s Price Match, you would need the original receipt for the product and proof of the lower price, like an ad, sign, etc. Here are the steps you need to take at Fry’s to get the price match:

Check to see if the product has a lower price and if it is still available.

You must have all the proof you need, like proof of a lower price, and show it to the Fry’s store. It can be a receipt for a purchase or a picture of an ad or sign in a store.

You have 30 days from the date you bought the product to claim the lower price.

After Fry’s checks everything out, you’ll get a refund for the price difference.

How Do I Request a Price Match at Fries?

Now that you know if your item is eligible for a price match at Fry’s, how do you ask for a price match? This is a pretty easy process, so anyone can do it without too much trouble.

To ask for a price match, you need your original receipt and proof that the same item is sold for less somewhere else. You can do this by bringing a store ad or giving a link to the item online.

You also have to make this request within 30 days of buying the item. If you wait longer than this, your item won’t be eligible for a price match, and your request will be turned down.

Once it’s confirmed that your item is eligible for a price match, you’ll get a part of your money back through the same method you used to pay for it.


The name Fry’s is well-known among people who buy electronics and home appliances. With its price match policy, Fry’s makes sure that its customers get the best price for the product they want and peace of mind.

FAQs About Fry’s Price Match Policy

Does Fry’s price match?

Yes, Fry’s has a policy that has gotten a lot of attention called the Price Match Policy. According to this policy, the company will give you back the price difference. The fact that Fry’s will match a competitor’s price helps consumers trust and believe in the company.

Does Fry’s price match Amazon’s?

The deal is that Fry’s will match the price of items found on Amazon before you buy them. If you use a coupon code at Fry’s and the price on Amazon is still lower, the store will give you a discount equal to 110% of the difference.

How do you ask for a price match?

Ask to talk to a manager, show him the lower price at a competitor, and explain that you know the store can’t match the price. Instead, you want to know if he can give you a manager’s discount so you can buy the item there instead of at the competitor.

How do Fry’s digital deals work?

Digital coupons are the same as paper coupons, but it’s easier to use them. They are put right on your shopper’s card, and when you buy items that qualify, they are automatically redeemed. Check out our rules for digital coupons here. Get digital coupons right now.

Can you use Fry’s digital coupons more than once?

At Fry’s, you can use up to three of the same manufacturer’s coupons at once. You can use as many coupons as you have, but you can only use three identical coupons at once. You can only print two (2) coupons from the internet in one day per customer.

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