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Everlane Return Policy


Everlane Return Policy: Everlane is a high-end store where both men and women can buy clothes and accessories. It’s not hard to find a “wow” item in their collection, but you should also know how to return something if something goes wrong.

You can find out everything you need to know about the Everlane return policy in the information below.

Everlane Return Policy

What is Everlane’s Return Policy?

Most of the things you buy from Everlane can be returned within 30 days of buying them. The item should be brand new and never worn. It should also have all its tags in good shape. You have to put shoes back in the boxes they came in.

All items bought online or in a store can be returned, except for gift cards and items that are already on sale. If you change your mind about an online order, you can bring it back to a store for free, but sending it back by courier may cost you some money.

Return Period
30 days
Return Method
In-store & Online
Holiday Returns
Purchases made between November 8 and December 24
can be returned through January 15
Contact Number
(415) 881-5522 [Text Support]
Official Website

How Do I Return My Everlane Purchase?

On the page about Everlane’s return policy, there are three ways to send back something you don’t want. You can take it back to the store, send it back in the mail, or use the Happy Returns Bar. Let’s look at these ways in more detail:

In-store Returns

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of sending the items back in the mail, you can take them to the nearest local store and give them the order number from the email address you used to place the order.

Returns in stores are free of charge. When you want to return or exchange something, the store staff will be happy to help.

Returns To Happy Return Bar

To use the in-store method, you must first start a return on their website. Returns to Happy Return Bar are free.

  • Go to “Returns and Orders.”
  • Next to the order, you want to return, click “Start a Return.”
  • Choose the item you want to send back and tell us why.
  • Pick the way you’d like to get your money back.
  • Choose “Drop items off at Happy Returns,” and then finish the return.

Note: Happy Returns will send you an email with a QR code and an Express code that you’ll need to bring with you to your local Happy Returns bar.

Return By Mail

  • Click “start a return” under “Orders and Returns.”
  • Choose the item you want to send back and tell us why.
  • Select your refund method. For a refund of your initial payment, Everlane requires a $5 mailing label cost. Store credit returns are free.
  • Choose “Use a Prepaid Label to Pack and Ship Items.”
  • Print the label they gave you for shipping. Send your package back with the return label on it.
  • Once the package you sent back gets to their office, it will take one to two weeks to get your money back.

Everlane Return Policy Exceptions

Even though you can return most of the items, the return policy for some categories of items requires you to meet extra requirements to get a full refund.

  • You can only return the first pair of underwear you try on. After that, they’ll only take back unopened, original packaging.
  • You can only try on one of the underwear you bought if you bought more than one pair.
  • If the hygiene liner is not attached, you can’t return swimsuits, bras, or bodysuits.

Extended Holiday Return Policy

Everlane also has a longer return policy for the holidays that are in effect right now. Under this policy, you have until January 15 to return orders you made between November 8 and December 24.

All orders that don’t fit into this time frame will follow Everlane’s regular return policy. All of the normal rules and exceptions for returns, which are listed below, also apply to returns during an extended holiday.

You can also look at the return policies of Madewell and Old Navy, which are similar brands. They also let you return items after a long holiday.

Are Online Returns Free At Everlane?

If you return something online, you’ll have to pay $5 for a shipping label unless you choose store credit instead of getting your money back. If you’re going to buy from them soon anyway, this is a good choice.

Can I Return Washed Items?

You won’t be able to return items that have been worn or washed. Everlane looks at all the returns at their warehouse. Returns that don’t follow their rules are sent back to the customer.

Everlane Refund Policy

The Everlane return policy is very easy to understand. If you send your return order back by mail, it will take one to two weeks for it to get to the store.

Also, it can take up to 3 weeks to process your refund and put it back in your account. You’ll get an email when they get your return and when your refund is being processed.

If you haven’t gotten your money back after three weeks, you can contact their customer service. Remember that the Everlane return policy doesn’t let you get your money back for shipping costs.

Refunds are given back in the same way they were paid for. Orders that were paid for with store credit are refunded in the same way.


  1. Refund Period: Within 3 weeks
  2. Refund Method: Original Mode of Payment

Everlane Exchange Policy

Everlane lets you exchange any item directly for a different size if it is in stock. This doesn’t include items that are already on sale or underwear.

Exchanges are also subject to the standard time frame and exceptions of Everlane’s return policy. Here are some things you should know.

Everlane doesn’t let you change colors, styles, or lengths directly. Instead, if you want to exchange for a different color, size, or length, they’ll give you a store credit that you can use to place a new order.

Exchanges aren’t guaranteed, and your exchange inventory won’t be held until you mail or bring your item to the happy return bar.


  1. Exchange Period: 30 days
  2. Exchange Method: In-store

Non-returnable Items

There aren’t many things that Everlane says can’t be returned. These are the last things you can buy with your gift card. Gift cards can’t be returned, and items on final sale are from clearance stock, so they don’t like to take them back once they’re sold.

Everlane Response to Covid-19

The store is open, and there are also sales going on online. But because of the pandemic, the brand faces a lot of unknowns, just like any other business. So, they have said that there could be a delay of a certain number of days because things could go wrong.


The Everlane return policy says that most items can be sent back within 30 days (except final sale items and gift cards). We recommend that you return the item in-store because it’s free and easy.

There are some extra rules for returning intimate items. Don’t forget to look at those. If you have any questions, you can ask us in the section below for comments.

FAQs About Everlane Return Policy

Can I return to Everlane after 30 days?

If you tried on your first pair of underwear and it didn’t fit quite right, you can send it back within 30 days of the date it was shipped as long as it wasn’t from our “Final Sale” collection.

After that, we’ll also take back underwear that is still in its original, unopened packaging.

How do I return to Everlane?

Everlane Returns. Want to go to an Everlane store instead? You can bring it to any store and drop it off there. Add your order number and full zip code, which are already in your account.

Does Everlane do free online returns?

You can return anything you buy from the popular clothing brand Everlane for free up to 30 days after the date it was shipped.

Even purchases made with Choose What You Pay to count. Also, you can mail back anything you bought at a store with real walls.

Are Everlane happy returns free?

At Happy Returns Bars, all returns that qualify are taken. When you return something in person, it’s free, and you won’t have to pay for a shipping label.

When you return the item, you will get a refund right away. You can start your Happy Return by going to your Orders & Returns page after logging into your Everlane account.

How long do Everlane returns take?

Returns usually take between one and two weeks to get to the warehouse, and it can take up to three weeks from the time they are received to be processed.

When we get your return package, we’ll send you an email, and when your refund is done, we’ll send you another email.


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