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Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy


Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy: If you want to buy a new TV or gaming system, you have a lot of choices. Best Buy has become a big name in electronics, while Walmart seems to be on every corner.

Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy

In some product categories, like TVs, computers and accessories, movies, TV shows, music, and so much more, the two companies compete with each other. But does Best Buy match Walmart’s prices? If you want to know, keep reading to find out what I found out!

Walmart Price Match Best Buy

Walmart doesn’t match Best Buy’s prices because it looks like the company quietly ended its more generous price-matching policy in the U.S. and Canada. The company’s online Price Match Policy has a section that says a “competitor advertised price” won’t be matched.

Read on to find out when and why Walmart stopped matching prices; what the policy is now; if Best Buy matches Walmart’s prices; and where you’re most likely to find the best deal.

Did Walmart Cancel Its Price Match Policy?

With a letter to customers, Walmart ended its popular Price Match policy, also known as the Savings Catcher. Part of it said, “We’ve decided to stop letting people send in Savings Catcher receipts.”

Walmart used to give back the difference if a customer showed a receipt and proof that a competitor had a lower price. Then, a little more than a year later, Walmart also stopped the Savings Catcher (called Ad Match) program in its Canadian stores.

The announcement said that price matching would no longer be available in the U.S. and Canada because it was “not popular” and caused long lines at checkout.

A Walmart employee who posted on Quora said that she was told that Savings Catcher “was always meant to be temporary.” She said that it was used to get information about prices.

This makes sense, since the email sent by Walmart in 2019 said, “Walmart’s prices win most often, which tells us that the program’s goal has been met.”

What Is the Walmart Price Match Policy?

The Walmart Price Match Policy, as it is now, only applies to prices on and in Walmart stores. If you find a lower price for the same item on, you can show it to the cashier at your local Walmart and they will match it.

This can only be done once a day on one item, and the match must be approved by the supervisor. Also, this only applies to products sold on, not those sold by Walmart Marketplace Retailers or other third-party sellers.

It also doesn’t apply from store to store, so if you find a lower price at one Walmart, it doesn’t mean that another one has to match it. The manager on duty can also refuse to match a price for any reason.

Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart?

Even if Walmart won’t match the price of Best Buy or any other competitor, Best Buy will. “We price match all local competitors, including their online prices, and we price match products from,” says the company’s Price Match Guarantee.

Best Buy also lets customers get a price match both in-store and online at In stores, you can talk to a customer specialist or go to the customer service desk. You can use the website’s online chat feature.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that Best Buy doesn’t match Walmart’s prices on Black Friday, for pre-orders, or for “lightning” sales that only last a day or an hour.

Is Walmart Cheaper Than Best Buy?

In an article, prices from major stores like Walmart and Best Buy were compared. Best Buy and Walmart both had great low prices on many items.

There were, however, some places where Walmart came out on top. If the model is the same, customers can still get the lower price if they ask Best Buy to match Walmart’s price instead.

Some people might like this because Best Buy’s customer service is usually better (and more knowledgeable) than Walmart’s when it comes to electronics.


Walmart quietly got rid of its price-matching program, “Savings Catcher,” and no longer matches prices with Best Buy or any other competitor. Best Buy does match Walmart’s prices, though, so customers can get the same everyday low prices at both stores.

FAQs About Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy

Does Walmart price match with other stores?

Walmart won’t match the prices of competitors who are there in person. But if you shop on, they will only match the prices of the following sites: 

Does anyone price Match Best Buy?

Whichever prices they’ll match: local stores within 25 miles (including online prices). Best Buy will match the prices of Amazon, Crutchfield, Dell, HP, and TigerDirect as the only online stores.

Does Best Buy price Match Target or Walmart?

Best Buy is similar to Target and Walmart in that it only matches prices on new items and not on used or refurbished items. It also doesn’t match the prices of any marketplace or a third-party seller. Best Buy has the same rules as other stores: the products must be the same and be in stock at both Best Buy and the competing store.

How does Best Buy price match Walmart online?

Use Best Buy Chat to get in touch with us. Please be ready to tell us where to find the ad or website that shows the lower price you want us to match. You can also call at 1-888-BEST-BUY (1-888-237-8289) to ask them to match a price.

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