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Does Target Price Match Walmart


Does Target Price Match Walmart: It’s always exciting to get a good deal without having to go from store to store. You don’t have to be a coupon expert or wait around for the best deals all the time.

Doing a little research, like asking if Target’s price matches Walmart’s, is sometimes all it takes. This could save you time, money, and the trouble of driving from store to store.

Does Target Price Match Walmart

Often, when you shop online, you can still find a better price on an item by looking for it at a different store. Don’t have much time to look into items and talk back and forth with customer service? This can make it easy for you to negotiate the price match.

Do Walmart and Target Both Have a Price Match Policy?

The hardest part of getting a better deal on your purchases is making sure that a store will match the price of a better deal you found at another store.

Even if a store isn’t listed as having a price match guarantee, you can sometimes still talk to a manager or customer service to see if they’ll give you a better deal anyway.

Big companies are usually a little more flexible and offer price match guarantees to win over customers they think will buy from them again. Target will match the prices of many well-known competitors, such as, but not limited to:

Company Price Match? Company Price Match?
Amazon Yes Best buy Yes
Apple Yes Barnesandnoble Yes
BedBath and Beyond Yes Costco Yes
Lowes Yes Walmart Yes
Macy’s Yes Walgreens Yes

Walmart will match the prices of most big stores, but the rules vary by location and store. In some places, there are restrictions, and you may not get a better deal if the management doesn’t agree.

Policy Details You Should Know Before You Buy

It’s important to remember that what one store does may not be what another store does. Different stores, stores, and locations have different rules about price matching, so you might not always get a better deal.

But if you’re ready, nice, and have everything ready for management or customer service, they’re more likely to quickly approve your request. Here are a few things you might want to know about Target’s price-matching policy with Walmart.

  • You can ask for a price match when you buy something or up to 14 days after you buy it.
  • The item’s make, brand, model, size, weight, and color must be the same as what Walmart says it is.
  • must be in stock at Walmart online or in-store (or other competition).
  • It cannot be part of a clearance sale, a liquidation sale, be damaged, remodeled, opened, or be used in conjunction with another offer.
  • Alaska and Hawaii are not included in price match deals at the moment.
  • Due to state laws and rules, items like alcohol will not be considered for a price match guarantee.

How to Request a Walmart Price Match in Target?

One of the best deals is getting offers from the product’s owner. Why worry about it when Target’s 365-day offer can give it to you? The offer to match prices is good for 14 days after the bill is printed.

The customer should also make sure that the bill they want to price match is within 25 km of Target. To ask about price matching, you have to talk to a manager or wait in line at the cash register. Make sure you do everything right.

To confirm your price match, you have to show some proof to the executives. If you have your smartphone, you don’t have to worry because you can go to Walmart’s official page and look over the price.

If you don’t have your smartphone or have seen the ad somewhere else, you can take a printout of it and show it to the executive. The executive can check the information you gave with a Walmart worker to make sure it’s correct.

How Do I Request A Price Match At Target?

If you buy something at Target and then find the same thing for less at Walmart within 14 days, you can go to any Target store and show proof of price to a staff member at any lane.

For items you buy online, go to and call 1-800-591-3869 to ask for a price match. Be sure to include a link to Walmart’s ad or product listing.

Keep in mind that Target will check the lower price on its own, so you’ll need to bring valid proof when you ask for a price match.

Go to Target’s price match help page for more rules and restrictions.

What Conditions Apply For Target To Price Match Walmart?

On Target’s official website, it says that items must be the same brand, size, weight, and number to be eligible for a price match.

Also, the same unit of measure must be used to sell each item (per pound vs. per item).

So, if you’re shopping at Walmart and think you’ve found an item you bought at Target for more, make sure the item is still in the same condition before asking Target to match the price.

How Do I Show Proof Of A Lower Price From Walmart?

For online prices, just use your phone to show a Target employee the price of an item on Walmart’s website. The team member will then use a special tool to check the price.

For printed ads, you can show a Target employee either the physical print or the digital version.

Please keep in mind that the ad must be in its original state. Photos, photocopies, and screenshots will not be accepted as proof.

Does Target Price Match Walmart Discount Deals?

Walmart offers discounts, rollbacks, and other details that Target won’t match. See below for a list of everything that Target won’t price match.

What Exclusions Apply For Target To Price Match Walmart?

As with most store rules, there are some exceptions when it comes to matching prices. Target won’t match prices on any of the following items:

  • Clearance items include damaged, used, opened packages, and items that have already been sold.
  • There are offers for coupons, discounts, loyalty cards, gift cards, and credit cards.
  • Because of typos, the prices were wrong.
  • Price matching can’t be combined with other kinds of deals.
  • Items with prices set by third-party sellers, like in markets.
  • State rules will apply to matching prices on alcohol.
  • Visit the Target Price Match Guarantee help page to see a more detailed list of what can’t be matched.

Target price match policy is in effect all year, but it doesn’t apply from Thanksgiving to the week after. This is because most stores have a lot of sales and holiday deals during this time.

For more information, you can also check out our guides on whether Target matches eBay prices if the price at Target is the same as the price at Walgreens or Lowe’s.


As part of its Price Match Guarantee, Target will match the price of items sold at Walmart if you come back within 14 days.

You will need to show proof in the form of either a link to the product listing on Walmart’s website or the original Walmart ad for the product (no copies accepted). Be aware that Target won’t match the price of sales, discounts, or items sold by third-party sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Target price match Walmart in-store?

Target will match the prices of some of the most popular online stores, like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, Apple, and Macy’s. On the Target website or at Guest Services in-store, you can find a full list of online competitors whose prices Target will match.

Does Target price match from anywhere?

I promise to match prices. If you buy a qualifying item at Target and then find the same item for less at, certain online competitors, or in a local print ad for Target or a competitor, we’ll match the price. You can ask for a price match when you buy something or within 14 days of buying something.

Will Target price match a Walmart receipt?

Yes. Target will match the price of an item from a competitor that is out of stock as long as the price listed is valid and current.

Does Target deny price match?

We have the right to check the price and availability of an item advertised by a competitor. If Target can’t prove that the lower price is true, we may turn down the request. The brand, size, weight, color, number, and model number of each item must be the same.

Does Target match Amazon prices?

Does Target match Amazon’s prices? Yes, both in-store and online, Target will match’s prices. To price match an item, it has to be the same brand, model, weight, size, color, and some items, and you have to show proof that has a lower price.

Does Target price match Costco?

Target will match either the price in a Costco store or the price on Price matching should be possible at any regular checkout line. Target’s policy on matching prices lets you match Costco’s prices when you shop online by calling customer service.

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