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Does Sephora Price Match


Does Sephora Price Match: We know you like to shop at Sephora, but here’s something you might not know. Many people want to know if Sephora has a Price Matching service so they can save money after they buy something.

So let’s find out if Sephora has a price match service or not. We will also talk about how Sephora Price Adjustment might work. You’ll know everything you need to know to save money at your favorite store.

Does Sephora Price Match

Sephora is a chain of stores in Paris that sells beauty and personal care products. It has the best cosmetics, skincare, body, fragrance, nail polish, and hair care products. There are also about 300 other beauty brands that are sold there.

Sephora Price Match Guide

As of right now, Sephora cannot match competitors’ prices. They haven’t said anything about this topic on their official website, and their customer service representative has confirmed this.

Here’s a quick look at how you can use these changes to the price match policy to save more money while shopping.

So, our first question is: Does Sephora match prices? If you don’t already know the answer, keep reading. Here’s the answer to help you understand it.

When you find two different prices for the same item, this is called “price matching.” It usually shows the price difference between two stores that sell the same product.

So, I quickly concluded that there is no Price Matching Policy for Sephora products. So, as of right now, they don’t offer their customers price matching or price protection.

Who Does Sephora Price Match?

Sephora has said that they do not have a policy that says they will match prices. Sephora also doesn’t do price adjustments, so what you see is what you pay for. But Sephora will match the prices of five of its competitors in the same industry.

Some of these stores are:

  • Saks Fifth Avenue is a store
  • Nordstrom
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Barneys

Since Sephora matches the prices of the above stores, is it safe to assume that you will always get the lowest price at Sephora? No, not really.

Sephora will match the prices of these stores, but only for items that are sold at their regular prices.

Sephora won’t change its prices during sales, discounts, or other promotions. Instead, it will keep its prices as they are. If that’s the case, it’s good to always look for a better deal.

Even though it’s not stated, Sephora also tends to match prices with direct sellers of beauty products like:

  • Ulta
  • Macy’s

When it comes to these stores, you should look at their prices and compare them to those of Sephora to see if you can get a better deal.

Sephora’s prices tend to be the same as those at Ulta and Macy’s, even though neither Ulta nor Macy’s match prices. So, the prices will be very similar in general. But it depends on how often you look for sales at these stores.

How Can You Get a Price Adjustment?

In the case of a price adjustment, the price of the item bought through Sephora is compared to the prices of other items sold during a certain time frame.

Now, if you want to know if Sephora has a price adjustment or price match guarantee service, the answer is yes.

Then I’ll tell you that Sephora doesn’t have a policy for changing prices. Once you buy something from them, you own it for that amount (unless you return it).

Sephora Price Match

But you can make shopping better by using the price protection service that some credit card companies offer.

If your credit card offers price protection, you may be able to get your money back if the price of an item you bought goes down at a certain time. How long you have depends on the company that has the credit card.

Note: You can click here to find a Sephora store near you. You can also call Sephora at 1-877-737-4672 to find out more about the same thing.

How Can You Save at Sephora?

Even though they don’t always match prices, you don’t have to worry because there are still a few ways to save money when you shop at Sephora.

Prices at Sephora are the same online and in stores, except when you use a discount code to buy something online. So, these tips should help you find that one thing you’re looking for at Sephora.

Become a Beauty Insider

The most obvious way to make it worth your time and money to shop at Sephora often is to sign up for their Beauty Insider program. Becoming a Beauty Insider is free, unlike their other reward programs, and you still get benefits.

With a Beauty Insider account, you get points for everything you buy at Sephora. You can use these points to save money. For example, if you have 500 points, you can use them to get a $10 discount on both in-store and online purchases.

Price Protection

Price protection is one of the best things about some credit cards. Price Protection is pretty easy to understand: if you buy an item and then, a short time later, the price goes down, Price Protection helps you get the lower price.

Price protection lasts for different amounts of time with each company, but if you play your cards right, you can get some of your money back.

Look Out for Sales

There are always brand-new beauty products coming out of the factory. Sephora has a lot of sales to keep business going and get people to buy. Keep an eye on the Sales and Beauty Offers pages for the latest price drops and deals, and you might just strike gold.

Sephora Covid-19 Standards

As you know, it’s hard to go outside when COVID-19 is like this. Because of this, many of the stores had to close. Sephora also had to follow government rules and close its stores.

From April 3 until the new government rules, they closed their stores. They took a lot of steps and safety measures to keep the employees and customers safe.

When they came back and started greeting customers, they took steps like making sure everyone wore a mask, making sure people kept their distance, and making sure the store was clean.


Even though Sephora matches prices with a few retailers, it doesn’t always go for the lowest price in a competitive market.

As one of the most popular places to buy beauty products, Sephora might not feel the need to price match because it has loyal customers, is easy to get to, and has good prices overall.

But as a consumer, it’s always a good idea to compare prices across different platforms so you can save a few extra dollars each month.

Do you still have questions about Sephora and how it works? Please leave a comment below, and let’s start talking!

FAQs About Sephora Price Match

Does Sephora provide price match?

Sephora doesn’t have a policy for matching prices. Most stores don’t sell the same things that Sephora stores do, so they can’t price match. They also have comparable prices online, so you are not required to match their online prices.

Does Sephora provide price adjustments?

Even though Sephora doesn’t offer price adjustments, there are still some ways to get the item for less. The easiest way to do this is to return the item and then buy it again when the price has gone down.

Does Sephora price Match Nordstrom Rack?

Since Sephora doesn’t match their competitors’ prices, you could always return anything you bought from them. But the item should be in good shape. If it’s not, the store might not accept your return, and you might not get your money back.

Can you return and rebuy at Sephora?

Products bought in-store, through Buy Online and Pick Up, Same Day Delivery, Instacart, or Shipt can be returned or exchanged at a store location within 60 days if they are in new or gently used condition and have a receipt or gift receipt. 

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