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Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon


Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon: Home Depot is one of those stores that everyone has heard of at least once. This is because it is so good at selling tools and anything else you might need for your home or business.

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon

As one of the biggest retailers, it makes sense that they use every trick in the book to keep their customers interested in how they run their business.

That’s why they have a great price match policy that will get you lower prices to keep up with their competitors. However, many customers often have one question: does its price match with Amazon?

Home Depot Price Match Amazon

Yes, Home Depot will match Amazon’s prices, whether you buy something in the store or online. Things work a little differently in the store, though, because you are purchasing in person.

The manager of that store will decide if your request to match the price is eligible or not based on the proof you show for the price match.

Even though it only includes items sold directly by Amazon and not by third-party sellers, a lot of items can be price-matched at any Home Depot.

If you want to know how to get a price match or if there are any exceptions to their policy, don’t leave the page just yet. Keep reading!

What Is Home Depot Price Match Policy?

Their policy is what they call a “Low Price Guarantee,” and just like any other price match policy, Home Depot wants to match the prices of its competitors so it can keep getting more and more customers.

Not too long ago, every in-store price match came with an extra 10% off, but that stopped happening last year. It used to be this way.

If you find the same item in stock at a lower price at another store, we will match the price and beat it by 10%.

You just have to find the same item at a lower price somewhere else, like Amazon, and ask for a price match. But Home Depot does not include the cost of shipping.

How Do I Get the Home Depot Price Match In-Store?

If you want to match the prices on at a Home Depot store, you should talk to the store manager. Only he or she can decide if your request can be met.

Many online shoppers have said that if they talk to a manager, Home Depot will often match the price if they ask them to.

You can also match prices at Home Depot with those of other stores by comparing the same products sold in-store at both stores.

Home Depot Price Match Amazon

To get the price match in-store at Home Depot, just bring in the ad, the printout, a photo of either, or proof that a competitor’s retail price (like Amazon’s) is lower.

If you bring this to the register at Home Depot when you’re checking out, the price match discount will be applied.

Keep in mind that the Home Depot worker might need to call the other store to confirm the price, which could take a while.

How Do I Get the Home Depot Price Match Online?

You need to call Home Depot to get the price match on items sold online at and on the websites of its competitors.

You can do this by starting a live chat on Home Depot’s website. The customer service team will be able to check the competitor’s price and start the transaction for you.

You can also call Home Depot at 1-800-430-3376 to start a conversation and have a team member order the item at the new price for you.

Will Home Depot Adjust After I Have Purchased From Amazon?

Home Depot can change the price of an item you’ve already bought if you find a better deal at a competitor like Amazon.

If you bought something at Home Depot and want to get a price match, just go to your local store and ask at the customer service desk.

The competitor must be able to ship the product to the customer’s location right now, and you must be able to prove that you have a better deal.

You can show proof of the deal by bringing in a printed ad or something similar.

Home Depot has said that it will only honor requests to match prices from customers who have already bought something from them.

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon Prime?

Home Depot’s official policy says that it won’t match prices on items that are sold with an Amazon Prime membership. Home Depot will match the price of only those things sold directly by Amazon and not discounted by the membership.

Also, Home Depot won’t match the prices of Amazon’s “Prime Day” deals.

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon Third-Party Seller Items?

Home Depot won’t match the prices of things sold on Amazon by third-party or Marketplace sellers. Home Depot will only match the price of items that Amazon sells directly and that are not part of any membership-based discounts.

You can talk to Home Depot’s customer service if you have any questions or aren’t sure if a price match request is valid.

What Are Home Depot’s Price Match Rules?

  • Home Depot will only match prices on new products that are in stock and can be bought.
  • We can’t match prices on any used or open-boxed items.

You can change the price of a product you bought after you bought it. They will match the price at the time you make your purchase, but the Home Depot Price Adjustment Policy gives you up to 30 days if you want to wait or didn’t check for a price match.

  • In its policy, Home Depot also talks about shipping or delivery.
  • Price matching can’t be used with sales, coupons, or price drops.

Make sure you have proof with you when you ask for a price match. Use a link or a picture to show the item and price on the competitor’s ad or website.

What Is The Process Of Home Depot’s Price Match?

Let’s say you’re in a Home Depot and you want to match the price of something you saw on Amazon the other day. In this case, you’d have to talk to the store manager to ask for a price match, and he’d decide based on the proof you have of the Amazon product.

For the manager to approve your request, they need to see proof from the competitor that they have the same item. This could be an ad, a picture, or a link to the product’s page. Any of these can be used.

After that, all you have to do is make your purchase, and the price match you just asked for will give you a discount. Easy, right?

Sometimes, though, you’ll have to wait a moment before they can confirm the price match, which can involve calling the competitor.

The process of shopping online is similar to shopping in a store, but there are a few clear differences.

You’ll need to talk to customer service. You can do this in one of two ways: either through a live chat on the Home Depot’s website or by calling 1-800-430-3376. It’s up to you which way you choose.

What kinds of items does Home Depot not price match?

There are some things that Home Depot won’t match prices on. Here are some of them:

  • Products from a competitor store that have been changed can’t be price-matched by Home Depot.
  • The price match doesn’t cover services, labor, installation costs, or putting things together.
  • Wholesale trade quotes and discount pricing
  • Prices that are part of a liquidation, clearance, or sale are not included.
  • Bid and auction sites, such as eBay, have prices.
  • There are gift cards, sets, and freebies.
  • Taxes, shipping, and delivery costs are also added. Aside from this, products that cost more to ship
  • Home Services gives out general offers or items and services.
  • There is no way to match the price of items that have been returned or are broken.
  • You can’t match prices on items that are on sale.
  • any product sold by a third party.

Everything on Amazon eligible for a Home Depot price match

As long as you are not working with a third-party seller and are instead working directly with Amazon, most of the items that Amazon sells directly will be eligible for a price match.

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Does Home Depot Price Match on Black Friday?

Yes, they do. Their policy is a great deal, even though most stores won’t match prices on Black Friday. Don’t forget to try this out since Black Friday is coming up!


Home Depot can match Amazon’s prices for items sold on You can either start a live chat on the website or call the customer service team to get Home Depot to match the price on Amazon.

Keep in mind that Home Depot managers decide if they will let you match Amazon’s prices in-store. Home Depot also won’t match the prices of Amazon Prime, “Prime Day” deals, or items sold by third-party sellers.

FAQs: Home Depot Price Match Amazon

Does Home Depot’s price match Amazon’s?

Yes, you can get an online price match if you shop at and then find a lower price online somewhere else. But when they figure out if they can match the price, they’ll take shipping costs into account. Also, for to match a price, the item must be sold directly by Amazon and not by a third party.

Does Home Depot do price match?

If you find the same item in stock at a lower price at any other store, we will match that price. Just bring the ad, a copy of it, or a photo to the register to be checked. (This could mean that the association needs to talk to the competitor.)

Does price Match work with Amazon?

We always compare Amazon’s prices to those of our competitors’ prices to make sure that our prices are the same or lower than all of them. Because of this, we don’t match prices. Go to Payments, Pricing, and Promotions to find out more about how we set our prices. Did you learn something from this?

Is Home Depot or Amazon cheaper?

The verdict: Home Depot. The Winner: Home Depot. We looked at the prices of nine products and found that Amazon was cheaper five times, Home Depot once, and three products were the same price on both sites.

But Home Depot’s policy of matching prices makes it the clear winner.

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