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Does Best Buy Price Match Costco


Does Best Buy Price Match Costco: Do you often use the Best Buy online shopping platform to buy things online using the Price Match feature?

If you are one of them and want to know if Best Buy will match Costco’s prices, read on. Then look in the section below for the answer to this question.

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco

We’ll also explain whether or not customers can get the same price on items they bought from Best Buy and Costco In-Store.

In addition, we’ll tell you a little bit about the price match policy that the Best Buy platform uses. How does Best Buy handle Costco? Find out everything about it right here.

Note: Best Buy is a chain of stores in the United States that is known for its consumer electronics.

Costco is in the same business as Best Buy, and it also has a chain of stores. The goal of Best Buy’s policy to match prices is to give buyers more rights.

What Is the Price Match Policy?

The Price Match is a new policy that online platforms and retail stores are using to get more people to shop in their stores or on their online platforms.

Also, the main purpose of the price match policy is to help the customer buy a product at a good price by matching it to the prices of similar products offered by other popular competitors.

Also, this will help customers save more money when they buy things since they can easily find the best deals online without any trouble.

Best Buy Price Match Costco

Yes, if a customer was within 25 miles of their local Best Buy store, they could match the prices of Costco’s items. The items must be the same, available right away, and not on a list of things that can’t be bought.

Best Buy will match the prices of both retail competitors and online ones.

Best Buy Price Match Costco

For successful qualification, identity criteria like brand, model number, and color must match. The product must also be new, which is an important point. We don’t sell clearance, open-box, or refurbished items.

Products from marketplace vendors, members-only groups, hourly or daily sales, third-party websites, etc. are not eligible for Best Buy’s price match policy. It has a list of things that can’t be price-matched, and anything on that list can’t be.

Aside from Costco, Best Buy matches the prices of all of its local competitors and major online stores like


Best Buy Price Match Guarantee Policy with Costco

Best Buy gives you the option to compare prices with Costco, and once you’ve done that, your request is fulfilled. A price match is only asked for qualified products that are immediately available at a local competitor and are not on a list of things that can’t be matched.

Price matching with Costco can only be done online, but there are a few steps you can take, and we’d be happy to tell you what they are. Also, keep reading to find out the secret insider tip that will help you win the price match.

Does Best Buy do a price match with Costco online?

Yes, you have to show Best Buy a live ad from if you want them to match the price (not a screenshot).

The goal is to show the price that is currently lower. Best Buy doesn’t match prices with if you get the price through a membership program or a loyalty offer.

Will Best Buy price match Costco’s after purchasing?

Best Buy no longer matches prices with Costco for the product that was bought. Even if the other stores meet the criteria, buyers who have already paid for Best Buy can’t price match.

Best Buy only lets you match prices on items you’ve already bought and items that are the same on its app stores,, and in its stores.

Steps To Do Best Buy Price Match With Costco

To ask Best Buy to match a price, customers can do the following:

Step 1: Find the same item at Costco that is eligible. Make sure you’ve looked at the model number, color, and whether or not it’s brand new.

Step 2: Ask Best Buy to match the price by chatting with them or calling 1-888-237-8289 (1-888-BEST BUY).

Step 3: Put Your Best Foot Forward Buy an ad or website from Costco.

Step 4: Best Buy will approve the request if you can explain why the price difference is important.

Step 5: After making sure everything was correct, Best Buy could match Costco’s price.

Exclusions from making a Price match request

  • The Best Buy price match guarantee doesn’t cover items sold by third-party sellers.
  • The prices offered to groups with only members,
  • Things that are for sale on Black Friday and Thanksgiving
  • Deals made through Best Buy Education or Best Buy Business, as well as deals that include more than one item,
  • Contract phones and services from competitors are also not eligible for the price match.
  • every day or every hour.

Best Buy says that they can’t be beaten on price because they match the prices of almost all of their local competitors, both in-store and online. During the sale, they price match with these retailers and then put the prices on the app, website, and in-store.

One Insider Tip to win the Price Match with Costco

Best Buy thinks of Costco as its biggest retail competitor, and you won’t be disappointed if you bring a product from Costco that you found for less money there.

It’s important to know that Costco has some products that aren’t sold anywhere else and have prices that are very close to what you can find at Best Buy.

Also, a tried-and-true way to get the store to match your price is to show them a similar item at a lower price.


Best Buy cares more about keeping customers than making money, even though it’s a bummer to lose money because of a price match.

Doing a little research to save a few dollars is a good thing. Most shoppers do a lot of research before they buy something.

Even though Costco sells items at reasonable prices, remember that they only sell to members, which is a big letdown. Don’t wait any longer. Compare the prices of the things you like.

FAQs: Best Buy Price Match Costco

Does Best Buy price match Costco’s?

On its website, Best Buy says, “We do match the prices of warehouse clubs as long as the warehouse club is a local retail competitor, has the same product in stock right away, and meets all other price match criteria.”

Can you price match with Costco?

Rest assured that your happiness is our top priority. That’s why we’re always working to bring you brand-name items at the lowest prices possible. But because our prices are already competitive at the point of sale, we don’t match prices with other stores.

How long do you have to price match at Best Buy?

Most of the time, you have 15 days from the date you bought the item to return it. Elite members have 30 days to price match, and Elite Plus members have 45 days. Follow the link below to learn more about our Price Match Guarantee.

Do you need receipt for Costco price adjustment?

Bring your original receipt with you, because they’ll write the adjusted price on the back of it.

If you lost your receipt, go to the customer service desk and ask for a new one. They will gladly look up your purchase on their computer and print you a new one.

Does Best Buy price match fulfil by Amazon?

At the time of sale, we match the prices of all local retailers, including their online prices. We also match the prices of products shipped from and sold by,,,, and

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