Discount Tires Price Match Policy ❤️

Discount Tires Price Match Policy


Discount Tires Price Match Policy: For your car to work safely and effectively, it needs decent tires. However, purchasing one can be challenging and expensive.

This is where the Discount Tire Price Match policy comes into play, which will enable you to save money on tires. Inquiring as to how? Go on reading.

Discount Tires Price Match Policy

The largest independent tire and wheel retailer in the world is Discount Tire, which has more than 1,000 locations in 35 different states as well as online.

People come to them for high-quality service and tires, which is understandable. We can assist you in getting the greatest bargain if you’re looking for a Discount Tire price match or strategies to cut costs.

Does Discount Tire Price Match?

You’re in luck because Discount Tire will match any price offered by a rival. They think they always do better than their competitors and offer the best deals in the business.

Therefore, they will work on your price match request to give you the best price if you discover a comparable item at a lower price elsewhere.

Price Match/Adjustment Time
Time of Purchase /Service
Where Can I Price Match?
Online & In-Store
Contact Info.
Visit the website
Discount Tire

Eligibility Criteria for Discount Tire Price Match

The item for which you are requesting a price match must be of the same brand and size and meet the retailer’s specifications. For further information, see the details below.

  • They will only match prices with their US rivals. both in shops and online.
  • All of the product’s dimensions must be identical.
  • At the moment of the match, the item should be in stock.

Exceptions for Discount Tire Price Match

Several exceptions are covered by Discount Tire. Your request will undoubtedly be turned down if your item falls into one of these categories.

  • Items from hourly special sales are not eligible for price matching.
  • If there isn’t enough stock, there might be no price match.
  • Public holiday purchases are not eligible.
  • The process will exclude special offers, discounts, coupons, and goods.
  • Discount Tire won’t match pricing mistakes made by other businesses online or elsewhere.
  • Each consumer will only be given one thing to manage.
  • There is no involvement of a third party in the allegation.
  • The method only excludes a small number of objects.

What Is the Discount Tire Low Price Guarantee?

To avoid being undersold, Discount Tire has a Low Price Guarantee and will endeavor to offer the best price. They also add all applicable shipping costs to the Low Price Guarantee for purchases made from mail-order and online sellers.

Discount Tire Low Price Guarantee

When you are comparison shopping, they advise you to examine the competitor’s entire cost in your shopping basket to look for any hidden fees.

For price matching to be used, the item must be identical. Additionally, Discount Tire retains the power to reject a price match request.

How Can I Request A Price Match?

If sufficient evidence is presented, Discount Tire will match the prices of its rivals. As was already said, there is a simple plan that must be followed to be successful.

Discount Tire Price Match In-Store

Take along all the pricing details for the same item when you visit any of their stores. Show the cashier the advertisements from the rivals.

If the details you provided are accurate and after a thorough review of those ads and prices, they will accept your request. When you check out, they will now match the reduced prices of the rivals.

Discount Tire Price Match Online

Call the sales department at 1-800-589-6789 and ask for a price match if you discover a lower advertised price for the identical product while making an online price match request. Additionally, you can price match by selecting “find lower?” and clicking the button for a quick price match.

This button will be located next to the item’s price. The form that appears needs to be filled out completely with all the necessary information, and your request will be processed within 1-2 business days.

Note: Discount Tire representatives reserve the right to refuse your request if, following verification, the product does not meet the requirements.

Discount Tire Price Adjustment Policy

Regarding other products and services, Discount Tire offers its consumers the nice attribute of price adjustment. To be able to request the return of the difference, you must keep in mind a few conditions.

  • By examining its details, you may be able to determine whether your product lives up to the claim.
  • Only the website or store of Discount Tire will match prices.
  • When seeking an adjustment, be aware of the product’s availability and make sure it is in stock.
  • For more information, call 1-800-589-6789 or visit their customer service.
  • For the price adjustment procedure, you can also stop by your neighborhood Discount Tire store.

In any case, you can try to return the item using the Discount Tire Return Policy and order a new one at a lower price if your request is denied. 

Save More From Discount Tire

We are all aware of the high cost of tires. You shouldn’t spend all of your savings on a set of winter or summer tires unless you’re an avid automotive aficionado. If that’s not the case, you ought to be informed of Discount Tire’s discount policies.

  • Shop while there is a sale.
  • During Black Friday and other holiday sales, buy effectively and affordably.
  • Keep an eye out for other offers and promotions on their website.
  • Use their military discount to receive a reduction.
  • Request a tire financing card.

Excludes this in Discount Tiers

Even though Discount Tire offers a flawless price-matching feature, there are still some exclusions that can get in the way.

The price match technique does not apply to identical items that are on special clearance or sale at a competitor’s store or online.

  • A product may choose to not meet the price match criteria if there is low stock availability.
  • Products purchased on public holidays like Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday will not include the same.
  • Items purchased with promotions, discounts, coupons, etc. will also be eligible for price matching.
  • Also, price mistakes made by competitors don’t count against the price match guarantee for that item.
  • The Discount Tire price match method upholds the rule of one item and one price match per customer.
  • For the price match claim of a specific product purchase, no third party may intervene.

Some chosen items don’t qualify for the price difference or redemption process. You can look at the list of things that don’t qualify on the official website of Discount Tire, which is linked above.

Therefore, there are a few crucial elements that are required when making a product claim via a price match or price adjustment program.

Standards For Covid-19 By Discount Tire

Many people experience various problems and states as a result of COVID-19, which can cause an entire state or country to shut down.

Similarly, Discount Tire takes a lot of preventative measures for the benefit of both clients and employees. Here are some of the steps Discount Tire is taking for COVID-19.

  • The entire business is routinely and adequately sanitized.
  • All of the store’s employees continue to keep their social distance from one another.
  • All customers entering the store are required to wear face masks.

FAQs About Discount Tire

Are you supposed to tip at Discount Tire?

Tipping mechanics for a tire change is not typical. You shouldn’t feel obligated to tip an auto mechanic because the majority of customers never do.

When a mechanic goes above and beyond to give exceptional service, people do think about tipping. $20 is the standard tip amount.

How often should I rotate my tires Discount Tire?

We will rotate and balance the tires you bought from any of our Discount Tire locations for the duration of the tires at no additional cost to you. To promote more even tire wear, we advise rotating your tires every 6,000–8,000 miles.

Who is Discount Tire’s competitor?

Discount Tire’s rivals are Les Schwab Tire Centers, PROS, and Staples, to name a few. In terms of CEO Score when compared to its rivals, Discount Tire comes in first.

Can you return tires if you don’t like them?

Depending on the manufacturer, the trial period is often between 30 and 45 days. You can return your tires if you’re not satisfied with them and would prefer a new set.

To qualify, most manufacturers demand that you exchange the tires for a fresh set from their product line.

Does Discount Tire install tires bought elsewhere?

We appreciate the chance to earn your business, and our stores are glad to install the wheels you bring in! To schedule an appointment, please call the shop nearest you. Any member of the staff will be pleased to give you the total out-the-door price.

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