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CVS Return Policy


CVS Return Policy: One of the largest drugstore chains in the US is CVS. It offers a variety of goods for sale, including ordinary household items, cosmetics, and prescription medications. Shopping worry-free can be made possible by understanding their return policy.

CVS Return Policy

Everything you need to know about the CVS return policy, including the return criteria and exclusions, has been addressed in this article.

About CVS Return Policy

The CVS Return Policy says that you can get a full refund on most new, unopened items returned to the store within 60 days of purchase. This rule applies to items bought from CVS online as well.

Prescription items can’t be returned to CVS because the law says so. You can send it back, though, if you get a broken product.

To return something to CVS, you have to bring the receipt (or packing slip if you bought it online) with you when you bring it back to the store.

You also need to bring the credit card you used to buy the item and a valid photo ID. This will make it easy to process your return.

When you return something to CVS, it has to go through a third-party verification process for returns.

What is the CVS Return Policy?

Most unopened items can be returned to CVS within 60 days, according to their return policy. But you can return CVS brand items and beauty products even if they have been opened.

You must also have a receipt or packing slip with you, and the items should be in their original state. You can return items in-store or by courier if you bought them online. For in-store returns, bring the card you used to buy the item and a valid form of ID.

Return Period
60 Days
Return Method
Contact Number
Official Website

How Do I Return My CVS Purchase?

Now, the CVS Return Policy gives you the same way that almost every other business does. Each method has something to remember. Let’s look at each one in turn.

CVS Return Policy – In-Store

CVS Return Policy

Let’s look at how you can return a product to a store. With these tips, you’ll be able to return the item without any problems.

  • You have to return the item in the same shape it was when you bought it.
  • You must show proof that you bought something.
  • Your request for a return will be stronger if you have a valid ID.
  • Take your purchase receipt with you as well.

CVS Return Policy –

The CVS return policy says that you can ask for a refund from within 60 days of the date of purchase. Follow along to learn how to return something you bought from

Once you repack the item, CVS will give you a label to send it back. Put this label on the box you want to send back. You can drop off the product box at any post office you like.

When the product gets to the company, your return will be checked, and the company will get in touch with you if there are any changes.

CVS Return Policy – Mail

You can send items you bought on back to the store or send them back in the mail. Before sending something back to CVS by mail, you should first call CVS customer service.

The invoice that came with your product may have the return address on it. You have to send it back to the same address. Once CVS gets your return, they will process it and give you a refund using the same method of payment you used when you bought the item.

CVS Beauty Products

When you buy beauty products at CVS, you have a lot of time to return them. All of the beauty products sold at and in CVS Pharmacy stores are guaranteed to make you happy.

This means you can take them back to a CVS Pharmacy store (or send them back by mail) if you’re not happy with them.

There are some beauty products that you can only find out if they work with your skin after you open them. In this case, CVS lets you return these items, even if you opened them to see if they are right for you.

When you send back beauty products, you must include an invoice (if you bought them online) or a receipt (for in-store purchases).

CVS Makeup Return Policy

CVS has a friendly return policy for all of its customers. According to the CVS makeup return policy, you can return opened or unopened makeup items within 60 days of the date you bought them.

For things to go smoothly, you have to have the original receipt. If you want to return makeup, you can do so at any CVS store. The CVS return policy for cosmetics is the same as for other items.

CVS Return Policy Without A Receipt

Yes, you can return some things to CVS without a receipt. There is a time limit for these kinds of returns, and more importantly, the return will only be accepted if your product does not need a prescription.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have any proof. Even if you didn’t get a receipt, you’ll need a valid ID to return the item. Then, your verification will be taken care of. This check is needed to see if the CVS return policy is being broken in any way.

CVS Refund Policy

According to CVS’s return policy, the company will give you your money back once a third party verifies your return request.

You’ll get your money back the same way you paid for the item. For instance, if you buy something with cash, you will get your money back in cash.

  • Refund Period: Within 2-4 Business Days
  • Refund Method: Original Mode of Payment

When you return products you bought from CVS pharmacy, you will get a credit to use in the store.

  • Using PayPal to buy things from CVS
  • Bringing things back without a receipt or other proof of purchase

CVS Exchange Policy

Like CVS’s return policy, you can make an exchange within 60 days of buying something. The company might not let you exchange something if it’s broken, used, or doesn’t have a receipt. You may also be able to get a different item if you return something without a receipt.

Also, you can’t ask for a refund on prepaid cards, phone cards, or gift cards. If a product is eligible, you can even ask to exchange something you bought on at a CVS store.

  • Exchange Period: 60 days
  • Exchange Method: In-store


We hope that all of your questions about how CVS handles returns have been answered. Now it would be easy for you to buy the items at CVS Pharmacy or and return them. If you still have questions, you can ask them in the section below where people leave comments.

To shop generously, see our return policies for CVS Price Match Policy and DSW Price Match. Finally, share your CVS Pharmacy experience. This post can be improved by your feedback.

FAQs About CVS Return Policy

What is the return policy for CVS?

Most new, unopened CVS Pharmacy or® purchases will be replaced or refunded within 60 days. Our comprehensive return policy with limits is available at

Can I make a return to CVS without a receipt?

Returns without receipts can be replaced or refunded as store credit. The lowest advertised price in the 60 days before the return may be refunded. Returns without evidence of purchase are limited or rejected.

What items Cannot be returned to CVS?

Gifts, pre-paid, and phone cards cannot be returned or replaced unless required by law. It can be returned even if unopened and cannot be refunded. Shoes, motorized scooters, and lift chairs cannot be returned to CVS Pharmacy locations.

Does CVS do cashback?

CVS offers $35 cashback on every transaction. Debit card users can get cash back on every purchase with no minimum or fee. Credit cards, Apple Pay, and checks cannot be used to obtain cash back at CVS.

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