Canadian Tire Price Match Policy

Canadian Tire Price Match Policy


Canadian Tire’s price-matching policy is unique. The firm claims to match any Canadian retailer’s price, no matter how many are involved.

Canadian Tire will beat and surpass competitors’ prices. Consumers should take advantage of this offer when buying tires, sports products, and more.

Canadian Tire Price Match Policy 2022

Yes! Canadian Tire’s Price Protection, or Price Guarantee, allows customers to earn money back on purchases when prices drop or items go on sale. Price differential refunds are available.

Savings on past purchases: Price Reduction at Canadian Tire.

Does Canadian Tire Price Match?

In the vast majority of cases, Canadian Tire match prices on items in their inventory. A few exceptions are in place.

The truth is that you hardly ever need to have Canadian Tire match a lower price for you. This is because they make great efforts to provide some of the most affordable product pricing both online and in-person.

Does Canadian Tire Price Adjust in 2023?

Yes, Canadian Tire does give price adjustments. If you have bought something from them and it has since been discounted, you can bring it in with your receipt to Canadian Tire. The price difference will then be returned to you.

When we discuss price adjustment, we are referring to what happens when a product you bought from Canadian Tire is later reduced in price. There will be restrictions in place in this situation.

It’s important to know that Canadian Tire does let customers return items for up to 90 days after purchase for a refund.

Why is this crucial? It implies that many Canadian Tire locations will be pleased to price match for up to 90 days following the purchase of the item.

Some of them won’t. But if you make it obvious that you’re returning due to a price drop, they’ll probably just give you the price difference rather than go through the hassle of processing a return and then letting you buy the item again.

How Do I Get a Canadian Tire Price Adjustment?

PriceAdjust keeps track of all of your purchases automatically, and if you are owed money back, we’ll assist you in getting it.

Right now, free money might be waiting for you in your mailbox. Sign up with your email and PriceAdjust will take care of the rest.

How Do I Price Match at Canadian Tire

It’s really easy! Canadien Tire will price-match items from other retailers. Show a lower-priced local offer. You’ll need proof of their offer—a flier or website link will do as long as they’re offering what you desire (and nothing more).

Once we’ve confirmed that both items are the same, you can take advantage of all the benefits our company has to offer, such as hundreds of retail prices.

Show evidence of the cheaper pricing offered by the rival. There are several methods for doing this:

  • The advertisement itself includes a price for an identical product being advertised.
  • shows the personnel at Canadian Tire the image of this advertisement on your phone.
  • Bring in a second printed copy.

Some customers are unsure of what to do if, after making a purchase, they discover a lower price for the same item. Not to be worried about

Even if you already purchased the item, it may still be price-matched with one from a different Canadian retailer, and you may get a better deal.

  • Within 14 days starting from the date of purchase, visit Canadian Tire.
  • Provide evidence that the item is being sold for less in your town or city.

Is Price Matching Worth my time?

Not everyone agrees But Everybody likes saving money. A recent survey indicated that few buyers use their retailer’s price match or price adjustment policies.

This may be because comparing costs across websites and flyers is time-consuming. There are ways to get what we want without paying too much, such as shopping at stores with superior return policies.

  • Any pricing adjustments made by Canadian Tire must be made there.
  • So start saving money by utilizing anyone’s price match guarantee!

What products can be considered to be identical Items

If Canadian Tire thinks that two items are the same, they must have the same qualities and features.

More importantly, other than whether a product has been removed from its original packaging, there are no changes in size or warranty policy between products of the same brand.

One has, while another hasn’t, which reduces the likelihood that Canadian Tire will make the initial purchase.

Who is considered to be a competitor in Canadian Tires?

A competitor must fulfill the following requirements to price match and undercut the competition.

  • In Canada, there must be a retailer within a 200-kilometer radius ( to be a local competitor).
  • web advertisement for nearby retail rivals’ stores.
  • online-only retailers in Canada.
  • Website are used by online stores selling goods.
  • Additional neighborhood Canadien Tire shops

Items Not Covered by Canadian Tire’s Price Promise

The price match policy does not apply to the following items. You won’t get the lower stated price. Also, check the company’s return policy to see if you are eligible to ask for a price adjustment at your local Canadian Tire store.

  • Outside retailers ( 200 km)
  • Postal rebates
  • scratch-and-saving deals
  • Items that can only be purchased through a loyalty program yet have a cheaper retail price.
  • with the purchase of gifts
  • Schemes of credit or finance provided by third parties
  • offers unique items.
  • Items that have been used, damaged, or have been opened
  • wholesale cost
  • BOGO offers
  • Prices for retailers’ liquidations
  • Offers the “Spend and Get” Variety
  • Events for Special Sales: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Always check the Canadian Tire price match guarantee policy to see if the Canadian Tire Corporation has made any changes to the stores’ 2022 price match policies.

Consumer products only

The only products that Canadian Tire will match in price are those marketed to the general public. As a result, they might not be able to match any pricing that isn’t accessible to the general public, as if the item was bought in bulk.

Canadian Tire will only match prices if the wholesale product is available to the general public and the bulk amount is the same as what a consumer would buy. They do not support firms matching prices.

The product must be available via a normal method of payment

All people must be able to purchase the item using a payment method. Cash, a check, or a credit card are accepted.

The product won’t be covered by the guarantee if you have to use a special store card to buy it from Canadian Tire. You must be able to enter a store, make a purchase, and leave without having to register.

Clearance Items

  • Items that are marked as “clearance” are not covered by the Canadian Tire price match guarantee.

Shipping, Labor, etc.

  • Canadian Tire will never match prices on labor or shipping.

FAQs – Canadian Tire Price Match Policy

What is a Canadian price match?

➥ Businesses engage in the practice of price matching to match or even undercut the price of the identical goods being provided at a rival store. See my guide for information on how to price match in Canada.

Does Canadian Tire still price match?

➥ Price stability Canadian Tire makes an effort to match in-store and online pricing. But prices, products, and services that are available online, as well as the dates when sales start and end, may be different from what you find in stores in different parts of the country.

Does Canadian Tire have a price adjustment policy?

➥ Does Canadian Tire Have A Policy Regarding Price Adjustments? Yes! Canadian Tire offers customers the option to obtain money back on their purchases when the items they have purchased drop in price or go on sale.

This service is also known as “price protection” or “price guarantee”. The price difference can be refunded to customers.

Does Canadian Tires Price Match and 10% of?

➥ We’ll give you an additional 10% off the lower price in Canadian Tire “Money” to beat any competitor’s price in addition to matching it. * On the same item. Details are available from the personnel in-store.

Does Canadian Tire price match Costco’s?

➥ Although Canadian Tire’s guarantee is “subject to store participation,” as stated on their website, both Walmart and Canadian Tire will price match.

However, Costco does not match prices. Even though you paid for a membership, it won’t help if you discover a lower price elsewhere.

What if I buy something and then it goes on sale?

➥ As long as your purchase was made within a certain time—typically 14 days—the shop will frequently reimburse the difference between what you paid and the reduced price.

You can be given store credit if they are unable or unwilling to refund you using your original payment method.

How do you find the price adjustment?

➥ Request a price reduction Within a few weeks of your purchase, if you find a better price, you can frequently ask the shop directly for a refund of the difference.

Several retailers, including Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy, provide price modifications.


The price-matching guarantee from Canadian Tire is fairly comprehensive. A few things are excluded. But, in general, you can take advantage of the price match guarantee if you find a product in Canada that is sold at a store or online and then find that Canadian Tires also sells it.

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