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Cabela’s Price Match Policy


Cabela’s Price Match Policy: If you like to fish, hunt, or do any other outdoor activity, you should choose the best gear. Cabela’s is a popular store that has the best prices on all of these items.

It promises to give its customers the best prices, but if a customer finds the same product on a different website or in a store for a lower price, the company will match the price or lower the price.

Cabela's Price Match Policy

It pays out the price difference, and for people who are members of the store, it pays 5% more than the price difference. Isn’t it amazing?

So, as a customer, you can be sure that you’re getting the best price for the things you buy. But certain requirements must be met to get the best rates. Will Cabela’s price match the lowest one? “Will Cabela’s price match the lowest one?”

Does Cabela’s Price Match Policy

You’ll be happy to know that your local Cabela’s store and Bass Pro Shop, which is a sister store, have the best price-matching policy.

You can just compare the prices of the products you buy, and if you find the same product on a qualifying website or store for a lower price, you can get the lower price.

Cabela’s will compare prices and, if everything checks out, give you back the extra amount you paid for a certain item.

The store also gives an extra 5% off to active members of their club. One of the most common questions here is whether or not Cabela’s will match the price of an item on Amazon. So, yes is the answer.

Price Match Time
At the Time of Purchase
Price Adjustment Time
7 Days
Where Can I Price Match?
Online & In-Store
Contact Info.
Visit the website

How does Cabela’s price match policy work

Both in-store and online, Cabela’s will match the price of an item. So, let’s look at what comes next in more depth.

In-store Price Match: You can ask for a price match if you find the same product at a lower price at a competing store within 100 miles of a Cabela’s store or a Bass Pro Shop.

Online Price Match: Cabela’s will match the price of a product you find on a qualifying website if you find it for less elsewhere.

  • Amazon,
  • Brownells,
  • REI,
  • Dicks Sporting Goods,
  • Midway USA,
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse

and many others are among Cabela’s online competitors. The full list can be found on the Cabela website.

How to Get Cabela’s Price Match?

Let’s look at how Cabela’s Price Match works. The process is pretty easy, and we’ll talk about it in two parts: in the store and on the website.

Cabela’s Price Match In-store

Find out what the product is: This is the first step. And second, it should be available in the store or on the website. Make sure you check the product twice. It should be the same in all ways, such as size, model, conditions, features, etc. We’ve already talked about this.

Point out the difference: Once you have the item in your possession, you must show proof that a similar item can be bought for less on a website or in a store.

The store will check the information, and if they have the same product, they will sell it to you for less. The price will also go down by 5% if you are a club member.

Cabela’s Price Match Online

Online, you can also ask for a price match. Follow the steps below to do this:

Identifying the product: You must look at the product on the website, and if you find the same product on a qualifying website at a lower price, you can go ahead with the price match claim.

You must check to see if Cabela’s sells the item. Also, the model, brand, size, and color of the item should be the same.

Compare prices: You can call Cabela’s or chat live to find out if they will match a lower price. A person from Cabela’s will match the price and double-check the availability.

If all the steps are done correctly, they will lower the price of the product. Also, if you are a member of the club, you will save an extra 5%.

Exceptions to the Cabela’s Price Match Policy

The rule doesn’t apply to items that are on sale right now or that are “hot buys.”

It does not apply to special deals, rebates, free items or gifts, bundled deals, clearance sales, wholesale sales, or sales that are going out of business.

Offers from loyalty programs are also not included.

Price matching also doesn’t include global promotions on websites that qualify.

If a price is wrongly printed, Cabela’s policy of matching prices does not apply.

Contact their customer service if you want to know the answer to the question “Does Cabela’s price match guns?”

Cabela’s won’t match a price from an unauthorized seller, a wholesale distributor, or a membership club.

The policy only applies to things, not to services. This is only for customers in Canada.

Cabela’s Price Adjustment Policy

Cabela’s policy on price adjustments says that if a customer finds a lower price later, they have 7 days to get a refund of the difference. This also applies to Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops from the past. Within 7 days of buying something, you can get some of your money back.

But if you aren’t happy and your request to change the price wasn’t approved, you may want to try something else. With the help of Cabela’s return policy, you can also return the item, get your money back, and place a new order at a lower price.

Tips on Saving More From Cabela’s

Remember these tips when you shop at Cabela’s to save more money. Some of these ways to save money can even be used with the price match program at Cabela’s!

  • Sign up to get emails from them about their most recent sales.
  • Join the Cabela’s club and get rewards. This lets you get 2% back in points on every purchase you make.
  • Use their offer that all orders over $50 ship for free.
  • Apply for a business club card from Cabela’s.

You can also shop at Cabela’s bargain cave to make the most of their price match policy and save even more money. This outdoor giant brand has a lot more to offer.

Terms & Conditions of Cabela’s Price Match

If you want to use Cabela’s price match, you need to know its terms and conditions of it. We’ve gone into detail about these terms and conditions below.

  • The item has to be sold at Cabela’s or on their website.
  • The brand, model, color, and other details of the product must be the same.
  • The company is allowed to put a limit on the number.
  • The military discount is not a form.
  • It isn’t true for services.
  • The local store must be within 100 miles of Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s.
  • This policy doesn’t apply if the product is sold by a third-party vendor inside a Cabela’s store.
  • They will look at prices in Cabela’s catalog and on the Internet.

Here are some of the most important parts of Cabela’s policy on matching prices. You need to read through it and learn about the policy’s exceptions. The next part talks about the same thing.


Now you should know how much the company wants to sell high-quality goods at the best prices. Make sure you don’t miss out on the best price for the product you want. Cabela’s policy says that if you find a lower price on a product, they will match it. This doesn’t happen often, though.

FAQs About Cabela’s Price Match Policy

Does Cabela’s price match?

To ask them to match a price online, you would have to get in touch with them, either online or by phone. If the item you want is sold by a competitor for less than what Cabela charges, they will match the price for you. But you should make sure the item you want is the same.

Do Bass Pro prices match Cabela’s prices?

If you order from a Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s catalog, we will automatically match our online or in-store price on the product if we are having a sale on the same product or have lowered that price at the time of your order.

Are prices on Cabelas products in Canadian funds?

Unless otherwise stated, prices on,, and in our Canadian flyers and catalogs are in Canadian dollars.

Prices and details of goods can change at any time without notice. Typographical, photographic, and/or writing mistakes can be fixed. We’re sorry for any trouble this may cause.

What is the return policy at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops?

Products with the Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops labels that were bought from Cabela’s Inc., U.S. or Bass Pro Shops, U.S. must be sent back to either Cabela’s Inc., the U.S., or Bass Pro Shops, U.S. Products with the Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops labels that were bought through Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops Canada must be sent back to those stores.

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