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AutoZone Price Match Policy


AutoZone Price Match Policy: When you need something for your car, AutoZone is a great convenience, especially if you’re a do-it-yourself technician who relies heavily on YouTube knowledge. However, Autozone occasionally has a little bit of a premium.

You will occasionally need to purchase auto parts for your vehicle, whether you are a novice or seasoned car owner. As a result, the prices must be fair.

AutoZone Price Match Policy

One of the biggest auto parts retailers, AutoZone provides a wide range of items for all your vehicle’s needs. However, what are the costs? Does AutoZone match the prices of its rivals? Continue reading if you want to find out more!

Does AutoZone Price Match?

Thankfully, AutoZone will match prices. If the same item or product is available for less at O’Reilley’s, Advance Auto, Napa, or a hundred other places, Autozone will never have difficulty lowering its prices to compete.

Price matching is only permitted for in-store purchases under Autozone’s corporate policy and only for rival retailers. That isn’t necessarily bad news for those of us who find excellent discounts online but need the item right away rather than in two or three days via the mail.

Does Autozone Price Adjust

Price modifications are uncommon, and Autozone has made no indication that they will be honored. A price adjustment is when a retailer refunds you for the difference in price between two identical goods.

The concept is that you buy something from Autozone, go out and buy it for less, and then return to Autozone to obtain a refund on the price difference. Price modifications, however, are not an option in the eyes of Autozone.

Of course, the majority of Autozone’s main rivals don’t either have a price-adjusting policy. If the competitors were more receptive to the notion, Autozone would likely be too, but that isn’t the situation right now.

Exclusions in AutoZone Price Match

This section will include all the things you can’t do. The things which will not come under the AutoZone Price Match Policy.

It is necessary to know all these things so that you don’t go there and they just hand you their policy. This will only waste your time. Reading this article will prepare you beforehand. Take a look at the exclusions.

  • AutoZone will not price-match the products you bought online.
  • They will create a boundary on companies out which they won’t price match. Meaning only the selected company’s products will price match.
  • You will need proof of the lower price you suggested you saw. Without proof, there will be no price match.

Here are the exclusions which you need to consider before going for a price match at AutoZone. Apart from this exclusion, AutoZone will price match. All you need to do is get them the proof and request a price match.

What Process to follow for AutoZone Price Match?

There are rules under which we need to act for a price match. AutoZone has set some ground rules which help to identify whether our request is accepted or rejected for a price match. Keep in mind this process and you will be eligible for a price match.

  • You need proof of the product you want the company to price match.
  • The product should match the features of the product you want to price match.
  • AutoZone will only price match if the product is in its stock.
  • They will only match with companies within a certain area.

The above process is a clear indication of things that will make your request legitimate. Don’t forget to follow even one of these rules.

AutoZone will have complete rights to determine your claim for a price match. They can accept or deny your claim based on the process which is given above in this section.

How Do You Request a Price Match at AutoZone?

To get a price match, all you have to do is show proof of the competitor’s price. You can bring evidence, such as a receipt or advertisement, that demonstrates the rival is offering a lower price, to you when you visit the store.

When you have the necessary documentation, you can present the item for assistance from an AutoZone employee at the customer service counter or the checkout counter. You will receive a price match if your request complies with the criteria.

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Does Autozone Price Match Advance Auto Parts?

Autozone will match prices at the automotive retail company Advance Auto Parts. Usually, whenever you see an Autozone, there will also be an Advance Auto just a few blocks or a few corners away.

Although this guideline is more of a generic practice than a set rule, AutoZone is not obligated to follow it if there is an AutoZone nearby but no Advance Auto Parts.

If there isn’t an Advance Auto store nearby, your neighborhood Autozone might not be able to match their prices. But it also functions both ways. The decision-making authority rests with the AutoZone manager.

Depending on the management at your specific Autozone, they might accept a price match from a 100-mile-away Advance Auto. Everything just depends.

The likelihood that Autozone will honor a price match for any item sold at Advance Auto that matches their own is quite high if one is nearby.

Does Autozone Price Match With Walmart?

One of the stores that Autozone is compelled to match prices at is Walmart. There is a store for the retail behemoth that inspired so many social media jokes nearly everywhere in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

For fear of being driven out of business or the city, whichever comes first, Autozone would be unwise to refuse to match Walmart’s price.

As a result, if AutoZone is more convenient for you, it will work out. Fortunately, Autozone offers price-matching services for the same products offered at Walmart.

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Because it varies per outlet and is decided at the manager’s discretion at your local store, AutoZone price matching service can be peculiar at times. In general, you can count on AutoZone to match any other similar-type retailers’ prices as well as your neighborhood Walmart.

For the reasons listed above, online stores are a little bit of a stretch. You never know, though. You might learn that you can get AutoZone to price match practically anything from any retailer if you manage to find a highly approachable, kind, and reasonable manager.

FAQs About AutoZone

Does AutoZone have a price match?

AutoZone will match local competitors’ prices. They price match with Walmart, O’Reilly, and Napa, among other merchants. They don’t, however, match local stores outside the area or internet rivals. Additionally, they won’t match prices with Autozone. com, their own online parts retailer.

What auto parts store price matches Amazon?

The offer: Any local Advance Auto Parts location or the company online will match the price of an equal or equivalent product that can be found on Amazon.

Does Advance Auto price match?

If you find an identical or similar product at a lower price at a competitor’s store or website, Advance Auto Parts will match the price (the product must be in stock and available that day).

What is AutoZone return policy?

policy for in-store returns, To get a refund, you must return an item to an AutoZone store within 90 days of the purchase date in its original packing and condition, along with a receipt. Within the warranty period, return a faulty product. Refund requests might not be granted if the product has been used or installed.

Are AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts the same company?

By overtaking AutoZone, the acquisition will make Advance Auto Parts the biggest supplier of automotive aftermarket parts in North America.

With the addition of Advance Auto, a business with combined annual sales of $9.3 billion, 5,264 company-owned stores, and over 70,000 workers would be created.

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