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Apple Price Match Policy


Apple Price Match Policy: Apple does not match the prices of its products at other retailers. The corporation will not agree to reduce its pricing to the same level to make the sale, even though some stores, like Costco, may sell Apple products for less than the Apple Store.

Apple Price Match Policy

To make up for this, the company does provide a generous no-questions-asked return policy if you decide to buy the item elsewhere. Here is a list of all the ways Apple can help you with your device and how you can pay for it.

About Apple

Apple is the biggest technology firm in the world. It focuses on consumer products, software, and services. The United States of America is where the business was founded.

Does Apple Price Match?

Apple does not match the prices of its rivals. They don’t prevent other retailers from offering their goods for less either. Apple offers exceptional service and a return policy to keep its customers pleased.

Does Apple Price Match Policy Doesn’t Exist?

Apple is the biggest technology brand in the world. They have faith in their standing and the caliber of the goods they offer. There may not be an Apple price match policy because of this. Apple, however, reserves the right to change the product prices at any moment.

What is Apple Price Adjustment Policy?

What would you do if Apple dropped the price of a product you just bought? You can ask for credit by Apple’s policy on pricing adjustments, so you don’t have to feel bad.

Within 14 days of the purchase, your account will be credited with a portion of the money you spent. You must have the original receipt and meet all other requirements to ask for a price adjustment.

Apple Price Adjustment

Price Adjustment Time
14 Days
Where Can I Price Adjust?
Online & In-store
Contact Info.
Visit the website

Requirements For Apple Price Adjustment

Only if you meet Apple’s restrictions and standards will it modify the pricing. You can quickly review those requirements.

  • You must have paid the full asking price for the item.
  • The period cannot go over 14 days.
  • The original receipt or another acceptable form of proof of purchase is required.
  • You may also need to provide identity documentation.

Note: You can only receive a price adjustment after fulfilling the aforementioned conditions.

How do I Proceed with Price Adjustment?

Of course, if you learn that they recently reduced the price, There are two methods for adjusting the price of an Apple product. They are as follows:

Online Store:

Another option is to request a price adjustment on Apple’s official website. You must correctly enter the order number and product information.

You can also call customer service directly at 1-800-676-2775. Before you contact them, have the product and order information ready. When they have checked out your request and all of its details, they will let you know what the final decision is.

Keeping this in mind, you cannot compare Apple’s prices with those of its retail partners like Amazon or Walmart. However, if you find the identical item for less elsewhere, you can return your purchase to Apple.


What you have to do is visit the nearest store with the original receipt and identity evidence to request a price adjustment.

Inform the management or staff members of the store that Apple has reduced the cost of the item you just bought. Your request will be verified, after which they will decide whether or not to alter the price.

Refunds for Apple Price Adjustment

If you were overcharged or the business changed the price, you will receive a partial refund. Apple’s policy on price changes says that you have 14 days to ask for a refund or credit.

To receive an apple price adjustment, you must be qualified. Only after your request has been granted will you be given a partial refund of your original payment method.

Note: Items bought during sales, specials, or temporary price cuts cannot have their prices changed or refunded.

Does Apple’s return policy?

Yes. Whether you made the purchase in-store or online, you have 14 days from the time you received your things to start a return.

Customers who made their purchases online can initiate returns by logging into their accounts and printing a shipping label to attach to the package, which must contain all of its original contents.

Any purchases can also be returned to an authorized Apple Store and promptly and instantly refunded. Within five business days of Apple receiving the returned item from the customer via mail, the customer will get their reimbursement.

What can’t be returned to Apple?

  • Apple Gift Cards,
  • Apple Store Gift Cards,
  • App Store Gift Cards,
  • iTunes Gift Cards,
  • Apple Print Products,
  • Apple Developer goods,
  • technical support fees,
  • membership dues,
  • and WWDC tickets, are not eligible for returns under Apple’s policy.

Apple’s return policy also does not apply to any upgrades or downloads of electronic software. Software that has been opened but not yet installed and still has the seal from the media packaging that has the printed software license on it may be returned.

Does Apple offer discounts on new products for students?

You qualify for an educational discount on Mac and iPad items if you are a current or recent college or university student. This discount is also open to teachers, faculty, and staff at the school who work with homeschoolers.

For schools that offer grades from kindergarten through twelve, Apple also provides technology choices. For information, choices, and product support, educational employees can visit the Apple website.

Does Apple offer trade-ins?

Yes, you can check your product’s eligibility for trade-in by visiting the Apple trade-in tool online.

Apple may offer you credit toward the purchase of a new Apple product after reviewing your device and asking you a few questions about its condition, or credit to an Apple gift card if you aren’t quite ready to make a purchase just yet.

Apple will offer to recycle your product for free if it is not entitled to a tax credit. No matter the gadget or its state, product recycling is an option.

Can I make an exchange with Apple?

Within 14 days of receiving the item, you may exchange it with Apple. But you have to go to an actual Apple store to swap the item.

Exchanges are also dependent on the availability of the item in-store, which may be checked online at Keep in mind that personalized Apple products, like engraved devices, can only be returned.

Does Apple sell used products?

Apple features a reconditioned section of its online store in addition to its selection of new, unopened products. The one-year guarantee and the distinctive Apple Certified Refurbished Promise of the company are included with these previously owned items.

According to the Apple Certified Refurbished Promise, your refurbished device will be “like new,” offer a discount of up to 15% off the list price and be delivered in a brand-new version of the recognizable white box.

Additionally, refurbished products include all the necessary original cords, accessories, and operating systems. The same free shipping and 14-day return policies apply to orders of refurbished goods as they do to orders of brand-new, unused Apple devices.

Does Apple offer an extended warranty program?

Apple encourages you to buy AppleCare when you buy a new gadget from them. With AppleCare, your device’s standard warranty and free technical assistance are extended past the customary 90 days that come with Apple goods.

The 24/7 Apple-certified assistance, priority support access, battery coverage, and annual coverage for up to two unintentional damage occurrences are all included in the AppleCare package.

You have phone access, the option of in-store repair (at Apple Stores or retailers who have received certification from Apple), or on-site servicing via pick-up.

Devices with cracked screens or broken external closures could be charged extra fees on top of VAT. For help and information, contact Apple specialists over the phone or through chat.


I’m hoping that this guide to price matching at Apple will enable you to make additional financial savings while you buy. The goal of this post is to teach you how to find the difference in price for something you buy.

Tell us about your interaction with Apple and whether you got a discount on your purchase.

FAQs – Apple Price Match Policy

Does Apple match the offer?

ready to match rival offers. When you have enough negotiating power, Apple, unlike some other companies like Microsoft, is willing to match offers from other high-paying tech companies like Facebook and Google for specific organs and teams.

What is Apple employee discount?

What Does the Apple Employee Discount Mean? 25% off is offered to employees, sort of, as I’ll explain. A one-time, annual 25% discount is offered on all product categories. Apple’s four primary product categories are the Apple Watch, computer, iPad, and iPhone.

Does Apple have a price match guarantee?

Apple has never attempted to match prices. You have 14 days from the time you get your direct purchase from Apple to return it for any reason at any Apple direct store in the same country or at the online store.

What are apple conditions for a refund?

Within 14 days of the day you receive an undamaged product, simply send it back to us with all of the accessories and packaging that came with it, along with the original receipt (or gift receipt), and we’ll either swap it for you or issue a refund using the original payment method.

Can I exchange an Apple product after 14 days?

You have a generous 14-day window to replace or refund an undesirable device if it was purchased directly from Apple. This period may be extended to a certain date so that things bought during a holiday season, like Christmas or New Year’s, can be returned.

What is Apple’s exchange policy?

Within 14 days of the day you receive an undamaged product, simply send it back to us with all of the accessories and packaging that came with it, along with the original receipt (or gift receipt), and we’ll either swap it for you or issue a refund using the original payment method.

How long does an Apple refund take?

The time it takes for a refund to show up on your account or statement is as follows: It could take up to 48 hours for the refund to appear in your Apple account balance as store credit.

Billing for mobile phones: The refund may not appear on the statement for up to 60 days. Your carrier might have an impact on processing time.

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